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I finally started seeing results! I mean REAL results, my body was changing and shaping up in ways I had never seen it before! I have become so motivated, it makes me feel so good to be accomplishing a goal that has haunted me for years.

Kim R. - Tyler, Texas

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HEAT Program Guidelines:

If you stay in the same time slot, your overall program will be very balanced. When you begin to switch time slots, you will need to ensure you've got enough variety and balance in your program without overdoing it in any one area.

Scheduled instructors may change based on availability.

If you have any questions, contact us at:

Cardiovascular Conditioning [CV]:

These types of sessions will improve the health of your heart, burn a ton of calories and develop overall fitness conditioning. They are a must for those of you wanting to burn body fat. Heart rate monitors are available to ensure you are in the correct training zone based on your goals.

Muscle Conditioning [M]:

These types of sessions are absolutely critical for so many reasons. First, the best physiologists in the world are reporting that muscle conditioning is the most important component for reversing the aging process. By regularly participating in these sessions you will maintain muscle mass, develop your strength, improve your muscle tones and definition, increase your metabolic rate, achieve a healthy body weight and fat percentage, improve your posture, strengthen your bone density, improve your balance, and more! Muscle conditioning programs are the fastest way to change your body shape. You should incorporate three muscle conditioning workouts into your schedule each week. Avoid training the same body part two days in a row.

Mind/Body Fitness and Flexibility [F]:

If you want to avoid injuries, reduce tight and stiff areas, manage your stress and develop muscles that are both strong and pliable, these sessions are perfect for you.

360 Fitness Heat – Tyler, Texas
Get a Free Fitness Evaluation with a 360 Fitness — Certified Personal Trainer.
We invite you to discover what so many of our clients already know – Group Personal Training can make achieving your fitness goals more enjoyable and motivating than you ever thought possible.

Whether it's the great music, the fun atmosphere, the motivation from the trainer, the camaraderie and energy of the group, or the variety in programming, our clients love our group training sessions. We have designed our group training schedule to offer flexibility and a balanced approach to fitness.

360 H.E.A.T. Cross Training:

360 H.E.A.T. Cross Training is a personal training program delivered in a group setting that simultaneously develops strength; cardiovascular fitness; agility and stability using a variety of modalities thereby not focusing on one type of exercise to achieve results. This type of training is done using a conservative yet progressive approach that keeps participants safe while taking their fitness levels to new heights. Consistent tracking and testing are an ongoing part of this program. 360 H.E.A.T. is not a class, it is a comprehensive training program that provides measurable results. For more information on joining this game changing program, contact us today!

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