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If you stay in the same time slot, your overall program will be very balanced. When you begin to switch time slots, you will need to ensure you've got enough variety and balance in your program without overdoing it in any one area.

Scheduled instructors may change based on availability.

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Zumba Dance Workout – 360 Fitness – Tyler, Texas

The award-winning Zumba Dance Workout is a fun, energizing, dance-fitness fusion that will get your booty shaking like never before! International, pulsating rhythms ignite dynamic, easy-to-follow movements inspired by salsa, meringue, hip hop, belly dancing, and more! Zumba’s interval format creates an invigorating workout that burns fat and tones your body from head to toe… all while you joyfully flaunt your fabulous self!

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Zumba Dance Workout Fitness Goals:

Cardiovascular Conditioning (CV):These types of sessions will improve the health of your heart, burn a ton of calories and develop overall fitness conditioning. They are a must for those of you wanting to burn body fat. Heart rate monitors are available to ensure you are in the correct training zone based on your goals.

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