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January 2021

Have you ever had a chopped salad before? They are the BEST! Because everything is chopped up into tiny portions, you get deliciousness in every bite and that makes them a lunch to look forward to.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You decide to go on a big health kick and “clean up” your lifestyle – and that means getting rid of things. Maybe it’s certain foods (or even food groups) … or maybe it’s “activities” you decide

Do you ever see videos online of people in their 70s and beyond shooting hoops, bicycling, or busting a move on the dance floor and think, “I want to be that person when I grow up”?

One of the best things you can do to help make that happen is to:

  • Start doing those things NOW (if you aren’t already) and
  • Take care of your muscles by keeping them strong and flexible.
Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s easier to clean a clean house?"

We are three weeks into 2021 already! Now that 2021 is in full swing and the holidays are behind us. That means it’s time to take ACTION … and here's an experiment for you to fire up that excitement for the year! It’s to pick your “WORD OF THE YEAR!

Here is a super time-saving tip for you today – a tip that will make your life easier, save you money, AND help you stay on track with your nutrition. Here it goes: In a nutshell, most of us fall into two camps when it comes to meal prep. We either overthink it, or we don’t think about it all.


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