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June 2021

Don’t you love it when your goals and taste buds collide in delicious harmony? Well today, here's a snack recipe for you that’s:

  • Delicious,
  • Super easy to prepare, and
  • A perfect post-workout snack. (Actually, it’s a good ANYTIME snack, but it has the right combo of protein and carbs to help you improve your post-workout recovery.)
It’s Pumpkin Pie Pudding and it has just a few simple ingredients.

As a coach, I’m always curious about the reasons why people stick with their routines, so whenever I get the chance, I ask them. Especially the ones who have been exercising and prioritizing their activity for decades. Almost every one of the active older people (70s, 80s, and beyond!) I talk to say they get in a workout most days of the week because it makes them feel better mentally. Have you ever worked out and then felt loose, relaxed, and generally awesome afterward?

Let's talk about a “feel-good” topic that’s finally becoming a mainstream trend. It’s BODY POSITIVITY…which basically means loving your body right this very minute – without any ifs, ands, or buts. Because, frankly, your body is a miracle! It deserves your care and respect because it works so hard to support you each and every day.

When was the last time you gave your core muscles a little TLC? They work SUPER HARD for you all day, every day. But most of us don’t give them the attention they deserve – and when we DO think about them, it’s probably about how they look.

Here's an amazing, feel-good workout that is designed to leave you feeling energized, relaxed, and upbeat! And BONUS! It helps support your body’s built-in detox system, which means it can help cut down on bloating and gas, while revving up your

Everybody’s talking about doing “detoxes” and “cleanses” … but what does that really MEAN, anyway? And is it even a real thing? Let's flip the script on that idea as we dive a little deeper into “cleaning it up”. So … a lot of “detoxes” focus on eliminating toxins and getting rid of wastes that are in your body.


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