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  • Sleeping in, waking up late, and grabbing a Pop-Tart, and heading to work instead of waking up at the crack of dawn, knocking out your fasted cardio, drinking a protein shake, and heading to work.
  • Going out to eat during your lunch break instead of taking a 30 minute high-intensity Spin class, showering up, and heading back to the office.
  • Deciding to have those 2 margaritas everyone else is drinking while you’re out on the town (even though you know your trainer won’t approve).
  • NOT going for those 2 final reps on the V-squat machine because the cute guy you see in the gym every afternoon will see you pulling a funny face while you’re straining.
  • Going through Whataburger on the way home instead of eating the 4 oz. of salmon and asparagus you already prepared for yourself.
  • Eating out of that jar of mini candy bars the secretary at work has at her desk.
  • Putting 225lbs on the bench press when you know you can do 245lbs for 8-12 reps because you are “not feeling it, today”.
  • Not working out “too hard” because your out-of-shape co-workers and friends will say you are “overdoing it” when you walk just a little bit funny because of an intense leg workout (even though they know NOTHING about self-motivation and drive!).
  • Making up a lie out of embarassment as to why you are eating the “same old meals” every day or every other day instead of admitting you are eating for a purpose: to look EXACTLY how you imagine yourself!
  • Deciding to go out to eat with your friends even though you know you will not wake up early and feel like working out the next day.
  • Making a trip to the vending machine and purchasing a Cherry Coke instead of drinking the ice-cold water you have in your cooler.
  • Saying you had a “hard day at the office” and heading straight home, leaving your workout partner high and dry at the gym.
  • Sleeping in on Saturday instead of taking your cardio class because “you have children and it’s hard waking them up.”
  • Would you like to know the DIFFICULT part about getting in shape?
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror after realizing, yesterday, you wasted an opportunity to change it all around….

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