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The holidays are a time for celebration and good times. With so many events on your social calendar, it’s easy to pack on the pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. In this edition, we’ll show you how you can still enjoy the season’s offerings without putting on the additional weight.


Bring “Healthy” treats to holiday parties


Sure, Aunt Mary will have her famous Seven Layer Dip at the annual Christmas Party and your co-workers will bring chocolate covered everything to the office by the truckload but, that doesn’t mean you have to chime in. Bring a veggie platter or a colorful salad to your next holiday function. You can spend your time grazing from your party platter instead of feeding your fat cells with every bite of the indulgent treats. Have some of your favorites in moderation but, don’t blow it by showing up hungry and empty-handed.


Stick to your schedule as best as you can


Yes, it’s a busy time of year but, that doesn’t mean you have to move heaven and earth to attend every single event. Give yourself a break but, not from your workouts. Regular exercise and healthy eating are most beneficial for you when they are done “regularly”. Stick to your fitness schedule and add holiday gatherings to your calendar carefully. Strive to accomplish 80% of your planned exercise sessions.


Don’t keep holiday treats “lingering” in your pantry


Do you keep food around that other’s give you to be “nice” or because you don’t want to “waste” it? Who in your family ends up eating these food gifts? You? Don’t tempt yourself. Get rid of it! Give it to the teenagers down the street who can handle the extra calories. For the love of fruitcake, please don’t keep these treats lying around the house. Get them out and be done with them!


Move your outdoor workout indoor


When the weather doesn’t cooperate, trade your outdoor workout for an indoor sweat session. Are you a walker, runner? Hop on a treadmill at a local gym! Cyclist? Join in a spin session in a dry and cozy club setting.


Drink extra water throughout the day


If your body is dehydrated it literally cannot function. You feel sluggish and foggy-headed. Going throughout your day like this increases cravings too. It’s easy to forget to drink the water your body needs with all the holiday bustle, and particularly when the weather outside is chilly. But your body needs half its body weight in ounces daily (and in many cases much more) — if you weigh 150 pounds, get at least 75 ounces of water each day.


Bring in reinforcements


The holiday season may seem like a counterintuitive time to invest in professional fitness assistance. However, this is the perfect time for a few reasons. Not only can you take advantage of special holiday promotions promotions but, a quality trainer will help you set and/or refine your goals to keep your focus on those upcoming milestones you want to achieve as opposed to focusing on the one to many sausage balls you had at the company party. You’ll start 2015 with a head start and you won’t be carrying the additional 10-12lbs that the average American gains between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.


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