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Do you have trouble deciding what to eat for breakfast?

It can be hard to know where to start!

That’s why we created a 7-day planner to help get you going. It has options for both “regular” and plant-based diets.

Starting your day with a healthy & nutritious breakfast works two ways:

It can help fuel your activities for hours, keeping you energized and focused, and
It sends a subconscious message that you’re focused on healthy habits that move you closer to your goals.

Your 7-Day Breakfast Planner

Day 1: No-Bake Cookie Oatmeal
Day 2: Egg Muffin or Tofu Scramble
Day 3: Egg Muffin or Tofu Scramble (leftovers!)
Day 4: Protein Pancakes
Day 5: Perfect Smoothie
Day 6: Sheet Pan Eggs & Hash (for plant-based, skip the eggs & bacon and serve over cooked black beans)
Day 7: Maple Cinnamon Quinoa Bowl

Your mouth is probably watering just looking at that list! Because our’s is!

Some of our favorite proteins are Veggie protein vanilla and Quattro ISOlate chocolate! You can find these in our flagship store in Tyler, Texas. You’ll be able to buy some online on our website soon!

Bon appetit! We hope this planner helps start your day in a healthy (and delicious) way.


Here at 360 Fitness, we’re all about inspiring, empowering, & equipping you to fulfill your unique and innate potential!

PS: If you have a friend you think might enjoy the Protein-Packed Recipe Guide, feel free to share this with them! DOWNLOAD GUIDE.


Our mission is to inspire, empower
and equip everyone to fulfill their
innate, unique potential.

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