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In order to achieve the ideal physique and body weight we must make efficient use of the three important aspects of physique recompositioning: Weights, Cardio, and Nutrition.

How many “cardio bunnies” do you know?

They diet pretty strictly and perform cardio religiously, but there is NO such thing as weight training or dietary “splurging” in their regimen! You can identify “cardio bunnies” by their distinct lack of hamstring and glute development… Basically, they run their butts off since they have no “reason” to have posterior thigh muscles (proper protein intake and weight training stimulation).

They run and run and run and switch it up by jumping on the Elliptical or StepMill for a few minutes… They shrink and shrink, but they still look like their former selves, only in a smaller version. They are still somewhat flabby and “soft”, but they are skinny. So, it makes it all OK!

Exactly how healthy is that?

What sounds better to you: fitting into size 2 jeans (if you’re 5’1” or shorter) but still having jiggly-wiggly arms and thighs OR fitting into a size 4 dress because your toned, muscular thighs need a little more wiggle room?

Would you rather be a skinny-mini girl in the smallest size you have ever worn or would you rather turn heads with your athletic arms and toned stomach while wearing just one size bigger than you imagined?

Think about that for a second, “bunnies”, before you hop on the treadmill for your 6 mile jog!

On the flip-side…

Maybe you know a few “meatheads” who NEVER perform cardio, because they don’t want to “waste calories” that could be used for growing!

When you ask a guy what muscles they would like to increase in size/definition, 9 times out of 10, the chest, arms, and abdominals will be mentioned!

Guys, think about this for a second: If you build up your muscles in the weight room and you can obviously tell that you are muscular, why wouldn’t you want to shed the body fat that obscures your well-built physique?

Cardio not only has a positive effect on body fat loss, it also has a positive effect on muscle gain. Muscle grows better in a lean physique, one that has been “ramped up” by intense weight training, proper nutrition and supplementation, and regular cardio throughout the week!

The 3 principles of physique recompositioning apply to all bodies, no matter the type and no matter the goal. Weight training, cardio, and proper nutrition should be across the board. The only difference is the amount of weight used and the amount of food eaten. The Laws of Physics (calories in vs. calories out, via weight training and cardio) don’t bend just because you want to fit into a size 0 dress or own a pair of 20” guns!

Don’t neglect one aspect of your 3-legged fitness stool! Take away one of those legs and your stool will topple over. Lean too much on one stool, and that leg will buckle right out from under you!

Think about that for a second, “bunnies”…

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