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Have you ever had one of those nights that you did NOT want to take any time to clean the kitchen, but it’s one of “your” chores (we all have our chores), and you have this personal rule that before you go to bed, the kitchen has to be squared away?

Now, you did NOT want to step even one foot into the kitchen.

But you knew the kitchen wasn’t going to clean itself magically.

If you didn’t keep your commitment to yourself, it’d be easier to break that commitment again – and again, and again.

It is also known that it would have a ripple effect, making it easier to break other commitments to yourself, too.

So you grumbled a little bit, picked yourself off the couch, and you cleaned the kitchen… even though you weren’t in the mood for it and was the last thing you wanted to do.

You are not going to say you did a stellar job (it was passable) or that you had some mystical epiphany while you were cleaning. Instead, you listened to some music and hustled your way through it.

It wasn’t NEARLY as bad as you made it out to be in your head.

When you finally DID go to bed, you felt pretty good about yourself for doing it.

The truth is, you have to show up, even if it’s just for yourself. ESPECIALLY if it’s for yourself because that helps you show up even better for others.

It’s no different from workouts you want to skip or the little treats you’re tempted to sneak in when no one is looking.

The more you let things slide, the easier it is to keep doing so. They don’t call it a “slippery slope” for nothing.

We’ve all said these things to ourselves before:

  • “Skipping my workout today won’t make a real difference, anyway.”
  • “I’ll get back at it tomorrow.”
  • “I’m exhausted/hungry/stressed because work was crazy today; I just want to go home and relax … preferably with a glass or two of wine.”
  • Just one more cookie won’t matter.
  • “It’s so dark out this morning. I don’t want to get out of bed.”

And obviously, sometimes you HAVE to miss a workout or change up your nutrition – maybe you’re sick, or it’s super busy at work, or you have a significant family commitment. Life happens.

But here’s the question: Are you showing up for yourself the way you promised?

No one says every workout has to be a record-setter – but one could argue that the exercises you don’t want to do (or those diet temptations you find hard to overcome) are the MOST important.

They help strengthen another set of “muscles”… your motivation, your confidence in yourself, and your inner knowing that when the chips are down, you CAN count on YOURSELF to get the job done!

And that’s pretty amazing, even if it’s something small like cleaning the kitchen. (which, as you can see, isn’t that small, after all.)


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