This Is What A Perfect Day Of Eating Looks Like

This article is just a few years old, but it rings as true today, as it did then. This is such a great example from Obviously, change the times according to your own schedule, but everything looks great. You may not have career where continuous breaks for short bursts of exercise is feasible, but you can definitely take a 5 minute walk during your regular breaks throughout the day.

The closer you can get to an active, movement-filled day WITH multiple small meals throughout, the better you will be.

Take a look at this great article describing the PERFECT day of food. Fill in and substitute as you see fit, but THIS IS THE BLUEPRINT!

Top 5 Post-Yoga Meal Ideas From A Nutritionist

Yoga is a hard class to prepare for, nutritionally. In theory, it is a strength training class, but you’re heart rate stays elevated the ENTIRE TIME! You don’t want a full stomach before you take class, and you probably won’t be dying to eat something directly after class. How do you stay consistent with your diet when this great addition to any fitness regimen is so physically demanding and limits nutrition?

Here’s a great snippet from an article we stumbled upon detailing a great post-workout meal for a morning yoga class! Check out the other options for afternoon and evening classes!

If you are doing your asana between 4-8am, you most likely took to your mat on a relatively empty stomach, or a totally empty stomach. After class, I recommend re-hydrating first with at least ½ a liter of water. Then tuck into something with a little protein, a little fat and a little carbohydrate. This can look like:

  • Some scrambled tempeh with coconut oil and sprouted toast and veggies,
  • A smoothie with fruit, greens and chia or hemp seeds,
  • A few bananas with a handful of almonds and stir-fried greens,
  • A bowl of oatmeal or quinoa cooked in almond milk with berries and walnuts

Here you are going to want something complete and balanced to fill you back up from your practice, and give you what you need to make it to lunch (or mid-morning snack).

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Fit To Travel: Part II

Does the Texas heat have you planning an escape to cooler climates? Us too! I’m sitting in a hotel room in Boston typing this article. It’s a balmy 61° and I just finished the workout detailed below! You can have your cake and eat it too when you choose to exercise during your travels. OK, maybe not so much cake but, you get the idea. Be sure to get some extra calorie-burning aerobic activity in your day by attending popular walking tours or creating your own. Many cities have walking tour apps available to smartphone users that come complete with interesting facts and historical depictions. It’s a great way to offset any extra calories taken in from an indulgent meal and a fun way to learn more about your destination.


If you’ll recall, last issue we detailed a workout dedicated to toning your lower half. This time, we’re focusing on your upper body: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms and Abs. These workouts can be done in the comfort of your hotel room or a hotel fitness room, if you prefer. If you do get out of town this month…Safe travels to you and yours!

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Fit To Travel: Part I

Summertime is officially upon us, friends! Do you love to travel? Do you already have your plans booked for a Summer adventure? Us too! Travel is something we have a huge passion for and we try to see new places as often as possible. The temptation to skip your workout regimen this time of year is great. But, don’t let that temptation get the best of you! We’ve designed a two part workout series that you can do anywhere in the world…from Tahiti to Tasmania. Safe travels and stay tuned for Part II coming up in our next installment!

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59 Detox Recipes That Actually Contain Food!

Get a jump start on the Resolutions by adding these simple and healthy detox recipes to your menu.

Tasty recipes that are high in fiber, protein, and cancer-fighting antioxidants will sure to make this whole “healthy eating” thing much more appealing. If you enjoy it, then it’s not really work, right?!

Our friends over at have compiled some great New Year’s recipes to add some ‘oomph!’ to your resolutions! Great food with a great benefit to your body. Get rid of 2015’s sludge, and start 2016 off the RIGHT way! Read more…

You could be in the best shape of your life: Add some weightlifting to your workouts

  • It’s a bold statement, of course, but the benefits of weightlifting are not restricted to muscle-bound bodybuilders who spend all day at the gym. Weight training has many benefits for people of all ages, body types, and athletic abilities– it is not just for weight loss, or solely for strength gain

    The Physical Benefits of Weight Training are Almost Universal.

    The benefits of weightlifting are holistic; they encompass every part of your body and mind. For athletes, the benefits of weight lifting are clear.  Making the body stronger to pursue one’s athletic passion is something that has been done for many years; it is not a surprise that weightlifting is one of the key supplemental exercise regimens recommended by coaches.  However, individuals just beginning their weight loss or fitness journey also benefit from strength training.

    Physiological Benefits Happen Inside and Outside the Body.

    There are very real physiological benefits to weight training. Weight training reduces the likelihood of heart attack and stroke by reducing LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and increasing HDL (“good cholesterol”) levels in the body.  For both women and men, a strength training regimen can reduce the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  Weightlifting strengthens the body and the bones and reduces the likelihood of injury during other activities, including other athletic pursuits. Many people–particularly women– fear that weightlifting will make them “bulky,” but in reality, weightlifting and strength training in general will reduce the storage of adipose tissue and make the individual appear leaner.

    Risks and Rewards– Why Weightlifting Is Worth It

    The risks associated with lifting (such as injury) can be minimized through partnership with a good personal trainer or coach.  Please contact us to begin your weightlifting journey today– we have amazing, experienced trainers on staff available to assist beginners with everything from a weightlifting plan to spotting and form checks.