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Tired of going to the gym and feeling like you’re still lacking the definition you want? Ever wondered how to chisel out that last bit of body fat in order to obtain the ultimate definition? A barre class could be the perfect addition to your current fitness plan so you can completely transform your body into the ideal lean machine.

What are Barre Exercises?

Barre exercises derive from ballet but also have some roots in yoga and pilates. Barre exercises are simple, yet extremely effective workouts, that primarily use your own body weight. These exercises consist mainly of isometric and flexibility techniques. Barre classes integrate with a variety of workout plans that are specifically tailored for building strength, endurance, and stamina in your muscles.

How Can Adding A Barre Class Benefit My Current Workout Regimen?

Barre is like the ultimate 3-in-1 because it stems from three different practices. So while you are doing a Barre class, you are simultaneously reaping the benefits of all three practices. Since Barre partially stems from yoga, it can help drastically improve you body’s circulatory system. This can help with muscle fatigue and improve muscle recovery time. The isometric exercises that Barre incorporates help target the slow-twitch muscles that regular strength-training often overlooks, resulting in more muscle development and strength. Everyone who is training their body needs a well-balanced workout regimen that emphasizes flexibility, endurance, and balance to ensure the optimal physique.

How Do I Get Started? 

Visit the 360 Fitness website to sign up, or contact us for more information.

You can view the schedule for all of our classes here: Barre Classes.


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