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Looking for a new way to add some heat to your workout?  Our barre classes will bring on the burn!  This full-body workout will check all of your fitness boxes in just 1 hour.

Barre Burn’s intense, yet low-impact, nature can benefit athletes from beginner to professional.  Inspired by elements of ballet, barre focuses on small, isometric movements, working the muscle to fatigue, then stretching to build long, lean muscles.  You will hear terms such as tuck, pulse, hold, and press — all different ways of producing the same result — bringing on the “shake” (literally)!  Throughout a Barre Burn class, you may find that your muscles begin to tremble.  This is good!  It means your muscle is reaching its point of fatigue.  Your goal is to hold that shake for as long as you can.

While you may be instructed to rise on your tippie-toes, no need to be Misty Copeland here!  Participating in Barre Burn does not require any dance experience (or any dancing for that matter).  A ballet barre is used as a tool for balance and resistance within the exercises.  That being said, your inner ballerina may surface in the form of sweat, endurance, a strong core, better balance and flexibility, and muscle definition worthy of a standing ovation.

The best part?  You can have all of these benefits without the fear of injury!  Barre classes are centered around exercises that put little to no impact on your joints, making it a popular fitness regimen suggested by health professionals for those recovering from surgery or injury.  So feel free to leave your worries at the door and get lost in the high energy, body pumping music!

Join us Mondays at 10am for Barre Burn! Contact us with questions and check our schedule for Barre Burn and other awesome classes.  Your muscles will thank you later with a high-five and a “shake.”


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