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Barre classes are an amazing way to set fire to your current workout routine. With the squeezing, pulsing, repeating movements that barre classes incorporate, the muscles are able to become leaner and stronger. Barre classes incorporate all the amazing benefits of several different workouts into one rhythmic, free-flowing, muscle stretching and strengthening routine. 

There are multiple benefits to barre classes, and although these classes are inspired by Pilates, yoga, functional training, and ballet, there is no dance experienced required. Just you!

Isometric stretching is another important benefit to barre class. By holding and contracting a particular set of muscles, the muscles become stronger, while still becoming more flexible: one workout with a myriad of benefits.

Barre classes invite any shape, age, gender, or fitness level. They are meant to help those taking the classes become confident within themselves. Therefore, one is not only strengthening the body, but also the mind. Throughout the routines, the body is allowed to move freely. The music played during classes helps maintain a rhythm, while quickly flowing from one movement to the next. There is a beautiful connection between body and mind.

By incorporating barre classes into a current workout routine, the body is able to complete a full body workout. From the arm routines, to targeting the core, and of course a steady movement in the legs, every bit of muscle is being worked. By engaging the core during the workouts, posture is going to become corrected. A better posture and a stronger core will allow the rest of the body to work freely, causing less strain overall.

Barre classes create a stronger, leaner, more confident body and mind.

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