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You may know the Belly Up as a nationally renowned music venue in Solana Beach, California (think San Diego), presenting such class acts as No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. You won’t find any of those here. What you will find is local class acts such as yourself!

Looking for a little spice to add to your normal workout routine? Check out our newly relaunched Barre Burn class!

We guarantee you will feel the burn in this one hour intense full body workout, focusing on strengthening, toning, and flexibility with a sprinkle of cardio to keep those juices flowing. What you won’t feel is intense impact on your joints! Our Barre Burn class provides you with a fun and focused hour resulting in a nicely sculpted and lean body with low impact on the joints, making this class perfect for people with joint concerns or those that simply prefer a low impact experience. Barre classes provide many benefits including but not limited to:

“reduced stress, improved posture, muscle definition and increased flexibility,” according to Fitness Magazine.

Add the Barre Burn class to your workout routine to mix it up and give a nice little spice to your normal workout week! There are no special clothing requirements here, just think normal yoga type clothes. Leggings, sports bra, and tank tops should get you going just fine. Leg warmers might be a nice addition as warm muscles do tend to stretch easier.

Come and try something different. Don’t just “Belly Up To The Barre”, leave that belly at the Barre! Interested but have questions? Contact us! We are happy to give you more details on any of our offerings and to support you in any way we can on your journey to becoming the best you possible! Stop by the front desk or just saddle right into a classroom to see how Barre Burn can be added to your fitness regimen!


Barre Burn

Mondays at 10am with Kristi Franks


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