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You can’t help but make excuses not to go the gym. Your shoulders hurt and you don’t want to strain them. But what if I told you there are some exercises that can help relieve shoulder pain?

When you experience shoulder pain, your first thought is “there’s something wrong with my shoulder joint”. But that usually isn’t the case. Pain in your shoulders is often caused by problems with your neck, and it is felt in the shoulder blade. Here are five exercises that can help strengthen your neck and shoulders, thus relieving shoulder pain.

  • Dumbbell Shrug

A dumbbell shrug is a simple, yet effective, exercise that targets your upper back and neck. Take a dumbbell in each hand, hold it by your hips, and shrug your shoulders up, squeezing at the top. Lower your shoulders and repeat the movement.

  • One-Arm Row

To do the one-arm row, take a single dumbbell and hold it in either hand. Lean over a bench, placing your free hand on it for balance, with the dumbbell hanging over the side. Keep your back straight, and bring your elbow up towards ceiling. Lower the weight and switch sides.

  • Upright Row

An upright row can be done with either dumbbells or a barbell. With either version, simply hold the weight in front of you and bring your elbows up so they’re parallel with your shoulders. Lower the weight back down and repeat.

  • Low Cable Row

To perform a low cable row, go to a cable tower and adjust the cable so it is as low as it will go. A rope extension is preferred for this exercise, but not mandatory. Take the rope extension and pull it back towards you, tucking your elbows into your sides. Extend your arms back out and repeat.

  • Straight-Arm Lat Pulldown

The straight-arm lat pulldown is performed on a high cable. A rope extension is preferred for this exercise. While you are grabbing the rope, your shoulders should be extended above your head. Keep your back and arms straight while you pull the rope down. Pull your hands apart as you reach your hips so your hands extend beyond your hips. Slowly release the rope up and repeat.

Start these exercises off with a comfortable weight that you can control. When you feel you are ready to bump the weight up, go for it! Contact us for more exercises and tips to strengthen your shoulders and neck.


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