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Have you ever traveled on a trip and found out you've UPGRADED? Maybe it's for a first-class flight ticket, get a sports car instead of a sedan, or getting a penthouse. Well, that's what your body will feel like when you enhance your food options. When you STOP serving your body ultra-processed diet and START supplying it food that is immersed with benefits, your body feels like it got a rise!

There is a surprising statistic.  Almost 1 billion people across the world have vitamin D insufficiency! That is a massive amount of people – and it's a significant deal because vitamin D does a lot of benefits to keep us feeling strong. Do you know your vitamin D level? One vital sign of being low in vitamin D is feeling rundown and exhausted and catching every cold/bug that comes around. Feeling sad and losing hair are two obvious signs that you might be weak in the "sunshine" vitamin.

Let's talk about that big scary goal that's lurking in the back of your mind, something huge, like:

  • Running a marathon
  • Dropping clothes sizes
  • Becoming more "minimalist"
  • Saving money to buy/pay off a house or retire
These are BIG GOALS that require an essential engagement! They can take time, power, and a lot of persistence.

The solution is a never-ending regular grapple! There are so many choices every moment- and by the time supper comes around - it's like an infinite circle trying to think out what to eat. Being held in this cycle is the worst because it's way too easy to click your phone's food delivery service button. 

Concentrate on one of the MOST POWERFUL THINGS you can do when it comes to achieving REAL results. And this one thing will also support: Your health Your exercise Increase your stamina Decrease aching joints The status of your skin and

This post has to do with making sure your body is ready for an action-packed life! And we mean enjoying outdoor activities, having fun with family or friends, sports, adventures, and being able to EASILY go through your daily activities – with energy to spare!

“What should I eat after my workout to get the best results?”

What you eat after your workouts matters because your muscles can run low on glycogen (fuel) and need to be refueled. PLUS, some of the proteins in your muscles can get damaged or broken down ... And your food choices can help speed up both the refueling and repair processes.

“What should I eat before my workout to work towards my goals?”

You work hard - and fueling your body the RIGHT way will make sure you maximize all of that work to get the best possible results. Let's break it down into three easy steps:


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