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The health of individuals has become an increasing concern over the past few years. In many hospitals and clinics, care providers have started encouraging their patients to visit their doctor’s office for an annual health screening. Annual health screenings are important because they allow for medical staff to help diagnose and treat diseases and illnesses before it’s too late. An earlier diagnosis allows for better, more effective treatment.

Breast cancer, which affects about 12% of women in the United States alone, can have symptoms that are often difficult to detect. In order to diagnose and begin treating the cancer, health care providers promote breast self-exams, in which men and women should become familiar with their bodies, and to report any changes or abnormalities to their care provider. These preventive screenings have allowed for earlier detection of breast cancer, which can then be treated more readily before the cancer has metastasized, or spread, to other parts of the body. According to, some women have higher risks than others. Women are at a higher risk than men for developing breast cancer. Other factors include aging, genetics, race, ethnicity, and a previous history of breast cancer. For a complete list of factors, see other Breast Cancer Risk Factors. recommends that women start receiving mammograms around age 40, which can catch cancer before physical symptoms begin to appear. Women with a higher risk of developing breast cancer should consider having an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) taken along with a mammogram at their annual check up starting around age 30. When used with a mammogram, an MRI can provide a clearer picture to the provider, thus allowing for earlier detection and improved treatment.

Breast cancer often affects a woman present in everyone’s daily lives. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are several ways to reduce one’s risk of developing breast cancer. They suggest limiting alcohol, not smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, and many more. At 360° Fitness, we can help jumpstart your healthy lifestyle today! We offer fitness training and nutrition plans for every lifestyle.  It is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  We can help you develop a plan to become a healthier you!

For more information about reducing your risk of developing breast cancer, ask your doctor about health screenings and preventative health

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