Five Post-Baby Exercise Tips

Congratulations! You’ve welcomed your beautiful, bouncing bundle of joy. After the new motherhood fog begins to wear off you’re probably yearning for a little “me time” and may want to get back into your workout routine. We’re here to help you settle back in, but before you do, check out our post-baby exercise tips.

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THIS Is Why We Lift Weights!

Skinny or Toned?

The difference between dieting and cardio and WEIGHTLIFTING, dieting, and cardio is the difference between skinny mush and a lean, toned body. Weightlifting with a certain intensity will add definition to your body and increase your metabolism. To simply lose weight, one must eat less and move more. So, after you’ve plateaued, do you move even more OR eat even less? There’s only so much time in your day and only so little you can eat. That’s a tough decision.

What if you could eat MORE, do MORE, and look BETTER? Here’s where weightlifting comes in…

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The Benefits of Exercising with Shoulder Pain

You can’t help but make excuses not to go the gym. Your shoulders hurt and you don’t want to strain them. But what if I told you there are some exercises that can help relieve shoulder pain?

When you experience shoulder pain, your first thought is “there’s something wrong with my shoulder joint”. But that usually isn’t the case. Pain in your shoulders is often caused by problems with your neck, and it is felt in the shoulder blade. Here are five exercises that can help strengthen your neck and shoulders, thus relieving shoulder pain.

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Fitness gear: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Athletic Shoes

There are countless things to consider when it comes to exercising and staying fit: nutrition, strength training, cardio, hydration and the list goes on. But have you ever considered what goes on at the very foundation of your body? A’hem… your feet? Runner or not, comfortable athletic shoes are one of the most important things you should invest in. They’ll prevent injuries, motivate the heck out of you, and keep you feeling comfy throughout your workouts.

If shopping for new athletic shoes is a new undertaking for you, here are a few things to consider when searching for your perfect sole-mate!

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The Importance of Meal Plans In Your Workout Routine

Many people want to lose weight, feel great, and enjoy life. for a lot of people, this involves exercise and creating meal plans. Losing weight is a challenge for many people because you cannot have an awesome workout plan without having an awesome meal plan. Read on for more information regarding meal plans, exercising, and losing weight.

Your Consumption At A Glance

Calorie Consumption

Calorie intake is essential whether you intend to lose weight or build muscle. If your goal is to shed fat, your caloric deficit is ideally 20 percent below your maintenance level. If your goal is to build muscle, you need to focus on adding 250 more calories to your current maintenance level. if you are a woman wanting to build muscle, you need an additional 125 calories for your current maintenance level.

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Fitness Over Forty – Five Tips for Feeling Lean & Loving Your Body

Those wonderful lines that slowly appear giving our faces the distinguished, “I’m 40 plus,” look. Skin starting to lose elasticity, joints that are more susceptible to injury and the predisposition for storing fat easier are just a few of the wonderful benefits that come along with the aging process. Due to this ever-changing process and being more susceptible to injury, we definitely need to know which aspects of exercise are going to be more beneficial for us as we age.

Since strength typically decreases with age, not only should we hold on to the muscle we have, but building muscle in these years to come is more important than ever! What should we replace high-impact cardio with? The irrefutable answer is strength training! Men and women over forty can reverse the loss of muscle mass that accompanies aging and do it in less time than one might think. With the demands of life and juggling forty-plus hour work weeks, families and a social life, there isn’t a lot of time to waste on marginally effective exercise programs.

High-quality exercises are those that hit multiple muscle groups simultaneously. By building a weight training program around appropriate exercises, all the major muscle groups of your body will benefit in the most effective and efficient way possible sand will continue to produce the results we so desire. These exercises also result in a greater energy expenditure and a more favorable hormonal response. Meaning you’ll build more muscle, get stronger and burn more fat.


With the aging process taken into consideration, even if you are moderately or extremely fit now, the body is going to present some new boundaries in the years to come. Also as we progress through life, balance becomes another small hurdle that we take into consideration when designing our exercise regimen.


Many people first feel the effects of age in their joints. As we age, our connective tissue (like cartilage, tendons and ligaments) becomes less elastic which can lead to a greater risk of injury to the joints. That’s why  it is important to shift your focus from those high impact group fitness classes or running five miles a day to cycling, using an elliptical trainer or continuing a version of your running program on a much more forgiving surface that a commercial grade treadmill offers. Higher-impact exercises don’t feel as good as they once did. In fact, the aging of the baby boomer generation is one reason low-impact fitness choices like elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes, functional training and working with a personal trainer have become so popular. However, softening the impact is not the only way we should change our routines as we age. It’s also more important than ever to do strength training. As you grow older, you lose muscle mass and there’s a decline in
metabolic rate.


Just being  aerobically active does not prevent loss of muscle mass which is directly correlated to your metabolism. If you do nothing but cardiovascular/aerobic activity, you will lose muscle mass and increase fat storage. Strength training is the only way to preserve and increase your muscle mass. Our goal for you is to understand the correlation of metabolic potential (or speed of your metabolism) and the amount of lean muscle mass you carry with you throughout your day.


Studies have shown that resistance training helps with joint elasticity, flexibility and bone density. Through our fitness studies, we’ve taken people that are extremely weak or have not exercised in years and put them through our functional training, 360 HEAT, program. Just three weeks has shown to have a greater effect on lean muscle mass than aerobic exercise alone and remarkably positive effects on fat loss at every level. The old catchphrase ,“use it or lose it,” has some perspective now. You need to use it or you will lose it, but you don’t have to use it at the same degree you did when you were in high school or even college. Here are some tips for our forty and up fitness fans. Whether you’re getting started or an experienced exerciser:


1. Warm up and stretch.

Be sure to warm up before a workout and stretch afterward to reduce the risk of injury. Stretching after a workout increases your range of motion and aids in recovery.


2. Modify moves that cause discomfort.


3. When is it time to make changes?

Listen to your body and stay in tune with what your muscles and joints are telling you.


4. Haven’t been weight training? GET STARTED!

Strength training not only preserves and increases muscle mass and bone density, it boosts your metabolism and you burn more calories. I suggest three times per week.


5. Proper Form

Concentrate on smooth movement in both the contraction and extension of the muscles during any resistance exercise. Slow controlled movement is far more important than increasing the weight.


6. Get advice from a Personal Trainer!

If possible, hire a personal trainer to create a program for you that demonstrates proper form and control. If you don’t belong to a health club, check them out! Being a member to your club of choice can be very fun and rewarding! Take advantage of the programs offered. 360º Fitness offers a free fitness consultation, including body fat testing, with our personal trainers to help you learn to use the equipment.


If you haven’t been in shape and decide it’s time to give it a go, you have made the wisest decision of your life! There has been much research conducted on the benefits of exercising to baby boomers. Recent studies have shown that exercise and physical activity can help you increase or partly restore your balance, strength, flexibility and even improve your quality of sleep. If  you are sleeping better, you’ll feel better overall, deal with stress better, and have more energy with a better outlook on life. When you turn forty, you have to realize that your joints are also forty years old, and you may need to modify your exercise intensity and routine in keeping with the physical, physiological and hormonal changes that have and are taking place. Since there is a tendency to gain about 10-15 pounds per decade after age forty, (primarily due to loss in muscle mass – if you gain 10 pounds after forty, the net gain is usually from adding 15 pounds of fat and losing five pounds of muscle which further decreases your metabolism)!

The normal reaction to this phenomenon is dieting, which leads to further muscle loss. Each lost pound of muscle decreases the body’s fat burning potential by about forty calories per day.


7. A clean diet and proper supplementation with healthy fats are important.


8. Consume five or six small meals per day.


9. Make sure your daily protein (meat) intake is 1.0-1.2 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight … ie: have your body fat tested!


10. Protein intake should be thirty percent of daily dietary intake, carbohydrates about fifty percent and fats twenty percent.


11. Drink a protein shake after your workout.


12. Increase intake of fibrous carbs and limit the intake of simple sugars.


13. Eat slower burning glycemic index foods such as beans, regular and sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice and whole grain breads.


14. You must lift weights on a regular and consistent basis.


15. You must increase your protein intake to feed your muscles.


16. You must drink a gallon of water per day.




Want more information on how you can get healthy, learn and love your body? Click here to get access to our top tips on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle success management!

How Personal Training Will Push You to the MAX!

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and skip the gym. You might be planning a post-work workout but the grueling commute home to change clothes lands you on the couch. Lifestyle changes are difficult and regular exercise can seem impossible to do on your own. Get personal training and let a fitness professional help you meet your goals.

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MS and Weightlifting? Absolutely! 5 Reasons Why Lifting Can Lead to a Healtheir, Happier You

When David Lyons was diagnosed with MS at the age of 47, like many who receive a chronic diagnosis, it sent him into a tailspin. Numb from the chest down, David had a choice. He said he could take his MS lying down… or fight it like David fought Goliath. This prompted Lyons to become both David and Goliath, beginning a weightlifting regimen that would help him go on to win a title in a bodybuilding contest, devoting himself to a lifetime of good health and fitness.

If you have MS too, there is plenty of new research out there that suggests that not only is weightlifting safe for MS patients, it is also highly beneficial. From improvements in your overall health to mood boosting perks, here are 5 reasons why lifting can lead to a healthier and happier you…

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Cross Training: Start Mixing Things Up!

It is always preferable doing some exercise rather than no exercise at all, but your results will be even better if you cross train. In many cases, when you go to a gym, you will see people on the treadmills and stationary bikes, and other people lifting weights. Most of the time you will never see those two groups cross over, and that is where the opportunity for greater gain is lost.  If you can lift three hundred pounds, but can’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded; that is a serious problem. If you can run a 5 minute mile, but struggle carrying bags of groceries to the car; THAT is a problem. You want overall fitness; not just in specific areas. By cross training, you will address the strength and aerobic capacity of your body, and appreciate those improvements in your day-to-day activities. In the end, isn’t that what you want? You don’t go to the gym just because you enjoy going to the gym. You go to make yourself stronger, get in better shape, and then see and experience the results of your hard work when you are not at the gym.

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Personal training: How do you know who to choose?

In this day and age, health, wellness and fitness are around every corner. It can be overwhelming to sort through so many companies and options to know what isn’t going to end in just another failed New Year’s Resolution.

If you have decided that today is the start to a healthier, more fit you, then you may be overwhelmed with all the options out there to make that a reality. There are at home programs, fitness centers and gyms, group workouts and personal training, to name just a few. The second decision that you will need to make is which one is right for you.

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Gym Workouts vs. Home Workouts — Expectation and Reality

Fitness equipment is usually purchased with dreams of everyday use and easy accessibility. In the beginning, it appears a good investment, but over time, the distractions of life and the ever-beckoning couch draw us away. Treadmills become clothes hangers and exercise bikes end up in the next yard sale.

Our intentions are in the right place but in the end, we waste time and money with no lasting benefit.

What went wrong? An environment designed for relaxing and taking it easy makes it easier to break away or simply say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” The tomorrows become more frequent and it’s on to the next expensive new equipment and the cycle repeats. This may also tie into our “New Year’s Resolutions”, as well. Be honest: if both of these statements have struck a nerve, maybe you need to rethink your fitness game plan.

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Get better RESULTS, and a better YOU, by adding strength training to your workout plan

Did you know you can boost your exercise and training results by adding strength training to your workout routine? While any exercise is better than doing none at all, adding strength training to your routine will burn more calories, long after the workout is complete. Why is that? Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even at rest. And for those of you worried about “bulking up too much”, worry not. You control all of that through the workouts and weights you choose to do and lift.

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Top 7 Songs to Inspire a Longer Workout… And Ultimately Help You Not Fall Over and Die

You know the feeling… there you are at the gym and the last thing you want to do is one last set of deadlifts. In fact, you’d much rather go die… in a corner… where its cool and safe. However, then you remember that you came to the gym for a reason. You want to be a better, healthier you… and if you turn a few heads in the process – icing on the cake. (Oooo… cake. Focus. Focus.) Whether you are hitting up a fitness challenge at the office or just trying to meet your goals with friends at the gym, these 7 songs will help you go harder, work longer and get those results you’ve been dreaming about…

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Focus Workout: Want to build a strong, V-Shaped back?

Walk into almost any gym, and look for anyone cranking out the pull-ups from an over-head bar. Chances are, you may never witness such a sight. Most people won’t even attempt them, probably remembering their embarrassing attempts in high school physical education class. The neglect of this reliable exercise is sad in itself, but what makes it sadder is that it is the single best exercise to build the Latissimus Dorsi (Lats), those muscles that provide that classic V-shape, which does wonders for your physique.

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10 Foods That Help You Build Muscle

Most of us realize we need protein in order to build muscle. Lifting weights and strength training damages muscle fibers, and this sparks a repair process causing muscles to grow. We require the amino acids within proteins as the building blocks for this growth.

Something else we also need is fat. Despite popular opinion, fat does not make you fat. In fact, if you don’t eat enough your body will begin to store it. Nonetheless, let us not forget about the carbs providing us energy in the gym.

We have explored  good nutrition in the past. Today, we want to focus on the top foods that help build muscle and cut body fat.

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Personal Training: Your Perfect Option for Starting Out or Starting Over

If you’re just starting out with fitness or starting over after an extended break, you might think that jumping in and getting to work right away is the way to go. And, I’d say you are MOSTLY right.

Getting help in the beginning, with the right personal training program can make a huge difference for you in all the best ways like saving you time, money and probably your sanity. Not to mention keeping your body safe and injury free!

Think about is this way, the same logic can be applied to taking your car to a mechanic. I mean, you COULD fix the problem yourself, given the right tools and proper training but, it would probably cost you way more in the long run. Why wouldn’t you just let the pros handle it from the start? They’ll explain the problem, give you your options, and get you to Point B as quickly as possible!

So, if you’re in need of a jumpstart or a re-start, here are a few reasons why the right Personal Training program could be a great fit for you:

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Why Weightlifting Is More Important Than Cardio

There is no doubt aerobic exercise is important for overall health. We don’t want to diminish its significance. However, if you want to get into the best shape of your life, weightlifting is more important than cardio.

As we age, it is often not our aerobic health that causes us to become debilitated. It is the loss of muscle mass and bone density that causes issues as we get older. Only weightlifting will build muscle and increase bone density.

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Low Back Pain and Low Impact Exercise Benefits

The human spine is made up of three sections. The cervical spine, the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine.The lumbar spine refers to the lower back, where the spine curves inward toward the abdomen.The Lumbar spine is strong, built for power and flexibility. This curved lower area of the back meant for bending, lifting and twisting.

The lower the vertebrae in the spinal column, the more weight it must bare. The vertebrae that make up this area of the back, L1-L5, are the biggest unfused vertebrae in the spinal column allowing them to support the full weight of the upper body. The two lowest parts of the Lumbar spine, (L4-L5) and (L5-S1) where the Lumbar spine meets the sacrum, otherwise known as the lumbosacral joint, bare the most of the body’s weight and are therefore more prone to injury. In this article we will identify causes of low back pain and exercise benefits of the back.

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Fit To Travel: Part II

Does the Texas heat have you planning an escape to cooler climates? Us too! I’m sitting in a hotel room in Boston typing this article. It’s a balmy 61° and I just finished the workout detailed below! You can have your cake and eat it too when you choose to exercise during your travels. OK, maybe not so much cake but, you get the idea. Be sure to get some extra calorie-burning aerobic activity in your day by attending popular walking tours or creating your own. Many cities have walking tour apps available to smartphone users that come complete with interesting facts and historical depictions. It’s a great way to offset any extra calories taken in from an indulgent meal and a fun way to learn more about your destination.


If you’ll recall, last issue we detailed a workout dedicated to toning your lower half. This time, we’re focusing on your upper body: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms and Abs. These workouts can be done in the comfort of your hotel room or a hotel fitness room, if you prefer. If you do get out of town this month…Safe travels to you and yours!

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Fit To Travel: Part I

Summertime is officially upon us, friends! Do you love to travel? Do you already have your plans booked for a Summer adventure? Us too! Travel is something we have a huge passion for and we try to see new places as often as possible. The temptation to skip your workout regimen this time of year is great. But, don’t let that temptation get the best of you! We’ve designed a two part workout series that you can do anywhere in the world…from Tahiti to Tasmania. Safe travels and stay tuned for Part II coming up in our next installment!

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Barre Classes Bring On the Burn

Looking for a new way to add some heat to your workout?  Our barre classes will bring on the burn!  This full-body workout will check all of your fitness boxes in just 1 hour.

Barre Burn’s intense, yet low-impact, nature can benefit athletes from beginner to professional.  Inspired by elements of ballet, barre focuses on small, isometric movements, working the muscle to fatigue, then stretching to build long, lean muscles.  You will hear terms such as tuck, pulse, hold, and press — all different ways of producing the same result — bringing on the “shake” (literally)!  Throughout a Barre Burn class, you may find that your muscles begin to tremble.  This is good!  It means your muscle is reaching its point of fatigue.  Your goal is to hold that shake for as long as you can.

While you may be instructed to rise on your tippie-toes, no need to be Misty Copeland here!  Participating in Barre Burn does not require any dance experience (or any dancing for that matter).  A ballet barre is used as a tool for balance and resistance within the exercises.  That being said, your inner ballerina may surface in the form of sweat, endurance, a strong core, better balance and flexibility, and muscle definition worthy of a standing ovation.

The best part?  You can have all of these benefits without the fear of injury!  Barre classes are centered around exercises that put little to no impact on your joints, making it a popular fitness regimen suggested by health professionals for those recovering from surgery or injury.  So feel free to leave your worries at the door and get lost in the high energy, body pumping music!

Join us Mondays at 10am for Barre Burn! Contact us with questions and check our schedule for Barre Burn and other awesome classes.  Your muscles will thank you later with a high-five and a “shake.”

360 Fitness, Tyler, TX

Overlooked: Weight Training to Control Weight

Many people begin a new physical fitness training program with one goal in mind: weight control. Whether it is weight-loss or weight-gain centered, their program is in place to control their weight one way or another.

Oftentimes, people who engage in weight control training programs focus on cardiovascular fitness. While cardiovascular fitness is important to weight control — no other type of training offers as much intensity over such a short period of time — one of the other outstanding sources of weight control is often over-looked: weightlifting.

Weightlifting for weight control may seem counter-intuitive at first, but when examined closely the benefits become obvious.  While cardiovascular exercises promote high heart rates and great caloric expenditures, they do not have the lasting or long-term effects that weightlifting can provide. Cardio routines last anywhere from 8 to 60 minutes, depending on the program. Throw in an additional 5 minutes for cool down time, and the workout is over, its’ entire benefit expended.

Weightlifting, except in extremes, provides lower cardiovascular involvement, but it also provides a longer term muscular involvement. By increasing the amount of activity in major muscle groups, non-aerobic activity increases over a longer period of time. The cool down period from a weightlifting training session is often on the order of days, rather than minutes. Entire days where the muscles are continuing to work at a greater than normal rate, extending weight control efforts over significant periods of time.

Contact us now to get involved with a training coach that can help you achieve your personal goals, and explain many of the other benefits of weightlifting program.

How to Choose Shoes for Cross Training

If you’re an athlete that participates in multiple sports or fitness regimens, then finding the right pair of cross training shoes can be a life-saver. A good pair of these shoes will handle wear and tear more gracefully than your typical running shoes, and are designed to absorb a variety of impacts to prevent accidents and injuries.

Adaptability is essential when choosing a good cross training shoe. So, whether you’re into aerobics and jogging, or step aerobics and weight training, a great pair of cross trainers need to be able to withstand your regimen. They need to function well, fit well, wear out slowly, and provide support in a variety of sports.

The first thing to do when looking for a pair of new cross trainers is to talk to people and ask for recommendations. Ask your personal trainer or favorite class instructor what shoe they recommend, but be aware that no two people’s athletic shoe needs are the same.

Take down a few recommendations from people you respect. Then read some reviews online, too, to narrow down the list and find out what other people think of the shoe. Keep in mind, however, you can’t trust everything you read online.

For a good pair of shoes, you’ll usually do best by going in person to a store. When it comes to choosing new shoes, especially a brand you’re not familiar with, you can really only know if the fit is going to be right unless you try them on in person.

When you test the shoe in the store, try different strides and motions to get a feel for how the shoes will handle your impact. If the heel falls in the wrong place on the back of your ankle when you take a long stride, you’ll know that the particular shoe model could cause problems like blisters.

Aside from the shoe’s fit and style, you’ll want to get a good look at the materials it’s made of. Does it look sturdy enough to last more than a month or two? Does it offer the kind of protection from the weather elements, or ventilation, for indoor sports? Check the outsoles. Are they sufficiently wide to provide stability and help you maintain your balance?

A good pair of cross training shoes can be hard to come by, but it’s worth the investment for most athletes.

Are you interested in living your life to the fullest? Looking for new challenges for your mind and body? Please feel free to contact us to learn about how we can help you achieve a newer, healthier, happier lifestyle with a few small changes.

Unlock Functional Fitness with our HEAT Program

Our bodies are designed to move.

Our bodies are designed to move adventurously in all directions, with or without a load.  We can develop big bulky muscles if we do the right exercises over and over and over, but when we move across a natural range and variance of motions, we develop long, strong, toned bodies that let us move with assurance through our world.  The details of how and why get complicated, but the simple fact is that our bodies are designed to move.

At its most simple, cross training is nothing more than using different types of movements throughout a workout cycle.  Those types of movements can vary to a nearly infinite degree, depending on your levels of fitness, imagination, and motivation.

The effect can be dramatic, as shown in a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health.  The women studied were Soldiers in the United States Army, and divided into groups who cross trained, ran only, weight trained only, or had no personal fitness program.  The conclusion says it all.

Women who participated in a cross-training program for personal physical fitness training had higher muscular endurance compared to the other fitness groups and higher aerobic endurance when compared to the no personal fitness group. There were no differences for all injuries and lower body injuries between cross-training and other fitness programs. Cross-training may be the best option for improving physical fitness when compared to just one mode of fitness training.

In other words, when we train our bodies for multiple events in the same session, we allow ourselves to work more fluid and stronger in our environment.  That concept is called functional fitness.

If you would like to develop a cross training program that can free the potential within you, contact us and let one of our fitness experts introduce you to our HEAT Training Program!

Use Physical Fitness to Change your Life: It All Starts With the Gym

Do you want to change your life for the better?

One of the best positive changes you can make is to begin an exercise routine. The benefits of routine exercise on the overall health of the human body have long been marked and marketed.

Change isn’t always easy though, and becoming the best version of yourself takes real work and dedication. Don’t worry though, the hardest part is just getting started!

One of the easiest ways to consider your own fitness options is to check out your nearest gym.

Why even exercise, can’t I just watch my diet?

Exercise has proven physical benefits to the body, including physical shape, energy levels, libido, life expectancy, and even sex appeal! It is tremendously beneficial to raise your heart-rate by controlled physical exertion. Building aerobic fitness assists your body in mastering its ability to move oxygen and blood into your muscles, which builds strength and efficiency.

So while dietary intake is important, even crucial, it alone is not a suitable stand-in for exercise.

Not sold on physical fitness alone? Consider the mental benefits

Perhaps you have a desire to engage in glorious battle against the mounting stresses of everyday life, or to actively attain more self-confidence to finally reel in a date with that elusive crush at work. More than that, isn’t it important to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Formulating a routine at the gym is an amazingly effective do-it-yourself therapy. As most gym-goers will attest to, a visit to the gym is often “just the thing” needed to help manage a stressful day, and to regain mental focus. Why not channel your excess energy or passion into a life-long hobby with endless benefits?

So, whether you’re interested in becoming brutish big, luxuriously limber, or wise in the ways of health and stress management, the gym might be just the place for you!

All right, so exercise is important. But why the gym?

Time and time again, the gym has proven itself as the perfect starting point to begin one’s adventure into the world of fitness. Here is just a small list containing some of what a gym membership can offer you, regardless of your current fitness level:

  1. Free Weights: This classic lifting method offers endless possibilities for weight-training, and requires minimal learning. Perfect for any level of fitness, with a high degree of customization.
  2. Machines: These offer singular or limited-motion resistance movements. Machines focus on a single muscle or group of muscles, and each machine has labels to demonstrate safe execution of the motion as well as the targeted muscles. As a side note, these machines and their corresponding labels are the perfect answer for newcomers that would rather teach themselves the ropes. Observe the labels carefully to ensure proper form and safety.
  3. Cardiovascular Machines: These include machines such as the treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, step-climbers, bikes and more. These are great for improving cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, and targeted strength gains.
  4. External Training & Motivation: Scheduled classes are available for group sessions! Pilates, yoga, spinning and boot camps are available for those who prefer to work with others in a group setting. For those who are looking for a more 1-on-1 setting, there are personal trainers available to spend their time teaching you how to achieve your goals.
  5. Lifelong Knowledge of Health and Wellness: Everything you learn at the gym will go home with you, and after 20 hours at the gym it is very possible that you may find yourself with a new outlook on life!

The gym has something very real to offer anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you reach your fitness goals, and take a free tour!

Is High-Intensity Cross Training Safe?

What is Cross Training?

Cross training is a term originally used by athletic trainers. When athletes are cross training, they perform exercises that strengthen muscle groups without focusing on the repetitive motions of their sport. For instance, athletes who run a lot need to cross train with weights so they are strong. Conversely, it is important for athletes who focus on weight training to also perform cardio exercises so they can stay lean. Lastly, stretching and flexibility are important for everyone, which is why many athletes cross train with yoga, ballet, and other disciplines that encourage those attributes.

Cross training has also become its own sort of sport. Thousands of people are learning about and training through workout programs that focus on training your body by mixing up workouts regularly. You can check out X – FIT for a generalized cross training class, or the HEAT Program if you want to kick it up a notch, here.


Experts and trainers agree, cross training gives you a great workout, longer periods of residual fat burning, and in less time than traditional workouts. The range of possible exercises are nearly limitless. You may do pull ups, jumps, or squats; you may lift weights, flip tires, or wave the battle ropes as hard as you can. The main limitations are your fitness level, which will improve with each session, and your imagination!


When it comes to moving our bodies, there is always risk. Even for those who haven’t worked out in a long time, daily activities can strain weak joints, causing pain. Building muscle can actually help reduce that pain in some cases, and you should always talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

A great way to reduce risk of exercise related injury is by involving a professional! When your car needs a tune-up, you go to a mechanic. If your body needs a tune-up, enlist the help of a personal trainer! A trainer can give you great workout plans to get you started, keep you motivated, and on your journey to success. More importantly, a trainer will ensure you are doing each exercise correctly.

For more information about 360° classes, trainers, and how to get started, contact us today!

Tasty Ways to Spice Up Your Meal Plan!

One of the biggest challenges faced by those committed to a healthy lifestyle is eating the right foods. It’s easy to grab what’s convenient when life gets hectic, but the quick choice isn’t always the healthiest one. These easy and tasty recipes are a great addition to any meal plan and give you the fuel you need for your workouts!

Bananas are known for their potassium, which helps to support healthy blood pressure. It also helps to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body, keeping cells hydrated. Get in your potassium with this tasty treat: peel and freeze a couple of bananas. Throw the frozen bananas in a blender with a little vanilla extract to taste. Blend, scraping down the sides with a spatula until you get a creamy consistency. Guilt free ice cream!

Avocados are a great source of healthy fatty acids, vitamin c and antioxidants which help to maintain cardiovascular health and fight free radicals. Indulge with this easy idea: toast two slices of whole grain bread, slice an avocado in half and scoop out the flesh. Mash with a little sea salt to taste and spread on the slices of toast. Sprinkle some chopped tomato and grated parmesan cheese on top.

Sweet potatoes contain Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and beta carotene and anthocyamin which has been known to have an anti-imflammatory effect. Peel and slice up some sweet potatoes into sticks. Toss with melted coconut oil, cinnamon and sea salt and bake in an oven heated to 450 degrees for 15 minutes. A sweet and salty treat!

Pineapple contains vitamins A, C and B6, and minerals and antioxidants that can have an antiaging effect on the body. Slice a pineapple into sticks about an inch thick, and brush with olive oil. On a grill (indoor or out) heat pineapple for 6 to 8 minutes on each side. Enjoy as is, or dip into Greek yogurt.

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Rotate Your Way to an Injury Free Workout – Rotator Cuff Focus Workout

Most meat heads that walk into the gym year after year have no idea what the rotator cuff is. You don’t want to be that guy (or girl) who constantly suffers from shoulder pain and injuries due to the constant weight your pushing. We can prevent or relieve that pain by training our lessor known friend, the rotator cuff. Our rotator cuffs are composed of four muscles that surround the shoulder joint: the teres minor, subscapularis, supraspinatus, and infraspinatus. Together, these muscles stabilize our arms at the joint and allow us to rotate the shoulders. Thing is… that after so much pressing, these tiny muscles really take a beating. That’s why we have to isolate and strengthen them to prevent injury and get rid of any unwanted pain. The following is a rotator cuff focus workout that can be performed at home or at the gym with an exercise band or cable 1-3 days a week. It’s best not to do it before chest or shoulder workout, as it can lead to heavy pre-exhaust.


Internal Rotation – If using an exercise band, put one end of the band around a door handle, grab the other end of the handle with your right hand, and stand far enough from the door to that the band has no slack. The right arm should be bent at 90 degrees and be rotated out about 45 degrees. Internally rotate the right arm, bringing your hand and the cable handle towards the left side of your stomach, while keeping your upper arm as close to your side as possible. Return back to the starting position; that’s one rep. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each arm using a very light resistance, but increasing it over time.


External Rotation – Keep the band or cable at the same height it was for the previous exercise. Arm should again be kept at a 90 degree angle and as close to your side as possible, but the starting position now has your hand rotated in. Basically, your ending position of the internal rotation is the starting position of the external rotation. Externally rotate your arm away from your stomach reaching about 45 degrees out. Return back to the starting position; that’s one rep. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each arm, bearing the same principles as the previous exercise.


Lateral External Rotation – The handle should be at the same height. You’re going to be facing the door or cable machine on this one. Starting with your right arm, shoulder should be bent at 90 degrees and elbow should be bent at 90 degrees with your knuckles facing the door while you grab the handle. Rotate your forearm up, keeping your shoulder in place. It should look like your swearing an oath. Rotate the forearm back to the starting position; that’s one rep. Do the usual 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each arm. This exercise can also be performed with a light dumbbell.

You should feel a lot better after performing this routine for a while. Some even say that working their rotator cuffs has increased their bench press and shoulder press by as much as 15-20 pounds. If you want more workout routines, injury prevention tips, or customized workouts, feel free to contact us.

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Study Shows Weightlifting Builds Endurance

If you love swimming, cycling or long-distance running, you may not have put a lot of thought into your weightlifting routine. Sure you want to build your strength, but perhaps you were afraid of building bulky muscles that could slow you down when you needed to be light and fast.

In the past you may have thought of cardiovascular exercise as endurance training, and weightlifting simply as a way to build muscular strength; however, new studies are showing that weightlifting has a huge impact on your endurance. It may be just as important to your race performance as the number of miles (or meters) you’re putting in.

Forbes magazine describes a study of cyclists who engaged in resistance training along with plyometrics and according to the article, “The Health Benefits of Weightlifting and the New Science that Supports Strength Building” by Julie Wilcox,

“Their muscles contain twice as many various signaling molecules that jump-start adaptive changes and make muscles better able to use oxygen–to have in other words, great endurance.” Reynolds continues, “Resistance exercise, authors wrote, ‘amplifies the adaptive signaling response in the muscles. It redoubles the benefits of the cycling or running. It also, as other studies shows, tunes up an out-of-shape nervous system.”

So, if you have been focused on your long runs, rides, and swims but neglecting your time in the gym lifting weights it may be time to double down on your resistance training. A professional trainer can teach you how to build the kind of strength that will give you the competitive edge in your next race or event.

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How to Find the Right Gym for You

Finding the right gym to meet your needs can be challenging. You need something clean with good equipment, a solid personal training program, and the right price, all relatively close to your house or work. To make things a bit more complicated, many gyms have seemingly similar equipment and class offerings which can make the shopping experience a bit overwhelming.

So, how do you differentiate between a great gym and one that merely appears to be good? What do you look for?

  1. Personalization. The right gym will focus on how it can meet your needs. It won’t just be an exercise facility; it will provide a complete fitness experience, tailored to your lifestyle and body type. Good gyms don’t try to sell each prospective member the same thing; they recognize that each person’s needs are different and adjust accordingly.
  2. Dedication. The right gym WILL REFUSE to cut corners. Its equipment will be up to date and fully repaired, its personal trainers will be thoroughly qualified, and it will take the scientific approach to fitness rather than following the latest fads. A good gym will focus on providing a complete, authentic fitness package that actually works.
  3. Value. The right gym won’t necessarily be cheap, but you’ll get what you pay for. If you are serious about making significant progress in the fitness department, then you may want to think twice about choosing your gym based on price alone. Remember that the gyms who offer incredibly low prices are banking on the fact that most of their members won’t ever step foot in their club. Not necessarily the level of support you need to get you to the next fitness level.
  4. Childcare. If you’re in charge of caring for little ones, you’ll most likely need a safe place for them to play while you get some much deserved “me” time. The best gyms offer childcare at no additional charge. And some even offer complimentary memberships for teens. Be sure to ask about discounts for spouses and if the gym charges for your loved ones under the age of 18.
  5. Programs. The right gym will offer a variety of fitness program options like group classes, educational clinics, webinars and social events. Even the most disciplined of us get bored with the same stale routines and the best gyms work hard to ensure that you’ve always got something to look forward to during your next visit.

The right gym will be dedicated, be able to tailor its services to your individual needs, and be worth the price. Gyms that can’t give you those aren’t worth your time.

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Get Top-tier Personal Training with 360 Fitness

We have halfway through 2016. According to your New Year’s Resolutions, you should have reached your fitness and physique goals by now or at least, made it halfway. You should also have been holding steady with the training program, with little to no slip-ups.

Is that right? Is it CLOSE to right?

If it is not, don’t worry. You are not alone.

There are incredibly few people who can successfully motivate themselves. The vast majority of us desperately need some form of personal training to help us reach our goals. But which gym or club should you turn to in order to get in the best shape of your life? Look no further than 360° Fitness. Though I could write a book on the myriad reasons why you need us, I have prepared an efficient list as to why you absolutely need to give 360° Fitness a try.

1. Our personal trainers tailor their methods to optimize your health and fitness progress. A problem many trainers have is the “one size fits all” method they force on clients. Here at 360° Fitness, we understand that everyone is motivated differently, and has different goals. The first thing our trainers do is take time to get to know you on a personal level. They make sure to build a relationship so you consider them knowledgeable and trustworthy. After this, they create a workout plan made especially for you to improve your life, now and forever.

2. We truly care about your success and your well being as an individual. There are many trainers from other fitness clubs who view clients solely as a means to an end. The end, of course, being compensation. Whether or not you become a healthier, stronger and better version of yourself is simply secondary or even tertiary to them. However, that is simply contrarian to our business and the core values upon which it was founded on. No monetary value comes close to the satisfaction we enjoy when we help our new friends live their lives to the fullest. We understand that your body is a temple, and we strive to promote happiness and confidence by teaching you how to maintain it in the best way possible. Help us HELP YOU reach your full potential and contact us today!

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Home Workouts Are Fine, but Don’t Skip the Gym

On the surface, working out at home seems perfect. Home workouts save time and energy by eliminating the need for transportation to and membership at a gym, right?

Not exactly.

Home workouts are definitely very helpful tools, but they should be used in addition to the gym and not as a replacement. There are several reasons why exercising at the gym is essential and should never be eliminated from your routine.

Equipment. Gyms have a wide variety of expensive exercise equipment, machines that you may not have space or money for at home. This equipment allows gym members to target specific areas of their body or perform specific exercises much more effectively and in a much more controlled fashion than calisthenics at home would. In addition, gyms are better able to keep their equipment up to date and repair it quickly if it breaks.

Personal training. Personal trainers are extremely valuable resources for anyone trying to improve or maintain their health. The ability to work with a trainer to develop exercise and nutritional plans can be the difference between achieving your fitness goals and not. Supervised workouts are also crucial, as the trainer can ensure that you are using any equipment properly (or that you have the correct form for non-equipped exercises).

Environment. Many people struggle to remain committed if they only exercise at home. Gyms are not only free from distractions, they are also supportive environments where members have access to a variety of encouragement and advice. Attaching a social importance to activities has also been scientifically shown to make the activity more desirable.

While home exercises such as calisthenics and non-equipped aerobics can be used to augment gym attendance, they should never supplant it. Contact us for more information on choosing the best gym for your needs.

How Weight Training Accelerates Fat Loss

Have you been struggling to lose weight? If so, you may want to consider adding weight training to your workout regime. You may think that weight training is only for professional athletes and bodybuilders, but the truth is that anyone can benefit from it. Weight training is great for anyone who is trying to lose weight or get in shape, and can help bring results faster than doing just cardio.

Here are some things you need to know about how weight training accelerates fat loss:

Build Muscle

Don’t assume that lifting weights will make you big or bulky. Doing a few weight-based workouts a week won’t turn you into a professional lifter. What it will do, however, is build muscle. Muscle is more dense than fat, so don’t just go by the scale when trying to lose weight. If you lose three pounds of fat in a week, but gain two pounds of muscle, you’re really chipping away at your body fat percentage. Even though you may think you only lost a pound, you’re really benefiting from working out with weights.

Speed Metabolism

This is the beauty of using weights! Muscles burn calories, even at rest. What does that mean? When you build muscle, your body will burn more fat, even when you’re at rest. Therefore, weight training keeps working long after you put the dumbbells down.

Make The Most Out Of Your Workout

If you’ve reached a fitness plateau, or simply want to challenge yourself, consider adding weights to your current routine. Simply adding light hand weights can help you push your cardio or aerobic workout to the next level. You can even incorporate light weights into Barre routines. This will really help you maximize the benefits of your fitness routine, so you really get the most out of your workout time.

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What to Look For in a Personal Trainer

Everyone wants to be fit. However, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Should you lift weights or should you focus on cardio? Should I go on a diet or not? How can I keep myself from getting bored? Hiring a personal trainer is a good way to answering those questions. But what should you look for in a personal trainer?

Listening Ability

A personal trainer is a “personal” trainer. The trainer is being paid to train you. That means that he or she should listen to you. You have to state your own goals and expectations as well as your reasons why you want to be fit. It is up to the trainer to make an exercise plan that fits them. You should not have to go through a program that does not fit your needs. If you want to lose a few pounds, your trainer should not put you through BUD/S training. Your needs and goals come first, not the trainer’s ego.


When you’re looking for a personal trainer, you want someone who has a vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Your trainer needs to understand that if you don’t workout properly, you will get injured. If you don’t do the right workouts, you’re not going to make any improvements. If you don’t properly feed yourself, you’re not going to have the energy to exercise and you won’t be able to recover properly from your workouts. Your trainer should have knowledge and the ability to use it to get the best results for you.


In order to achieve results, you need to communicate. Your trainer should be talking with you about your health the make sure that you’re feeling alright and if you are improving. If something isn’t going right, it can be fixed. If your trainer doesn’t talk with you, that’s a problem and you need to find a new trainer.

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You could be in the best shape of your life: Add some weightlifting to your workouts

  • It’s a bold statement, of course, but the benefits of weightlifting are not restricted to muscle-bound bodybuilders who spend all day at the gym. Weight training has many benefits for people of all ages, body types, and athletic abilities– it is not just for weight loss, or solely for strength gain

    The Physical Benefits of Weight Training are Almost Universal.

    The benefits of weightlifting are holistic; they encompass every part of your body and mind. For athletes, the benefits of weight lifting are clear.  Making the body stronger to pursue one’s athletic passion is something that has been done for many years; it is not a surprise that weightlifting is one of the key supplemental exercise regimens recommended by coaches.  However, individuals just beginning their weight loss or fitness journey also benefit from strength training.

    Physiological Benefits Happen Inside and Outside the Body.

    There are very real physiological benefits to weight training. Weight training reduces the likelihood of heart attack and stroke by reducing LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and increasing HDL (“good cholesterol”) levels in the body.  For both women and men, a strength training regimen can reduce the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  Weightlifting strengthens the body and the bones and reduces the likelihood of injury during other activities, including other athletic pursuits. Many people–particularly women– fear that weightlifting will make them “bulky,” but in reality, weightlifting and strength training in general will reduce the storage of adipose tissue and make the individual appear leaner.

    Risks and Rewards– Why Weightlifting Is Worth It

    The risks associated with lifting (such as injury) can be minimized through partnership with a good personal trainer or coach.  Please contact us to begin your weightlifting journey today– we have amazing, experienced trainers on staff available to assist beginners with everything from a weightlifting plan to spotting and form checks.

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The Many Benefits of Cross Training

Cross training is a training routine that incorporates several different types of exercises. For many people who exercise, cross training helps maintain a high level of overall fitness because it gives the opportunity to vary the amount of stress put on specific muscles or even the cardiovascular system. Cross training avoids the dreaded plateau. At that point, your overall fitness is limited and the conditioning you get from exercising is reduced. You are simply maintaining a certain level of fitness, rather than improving.

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The 11 Terrific Benefits Of Weightlifting

Are you one of those people who avoids the weight room? Surprisingly, many seem to think that the weightlifting room is only for body builders.

But that’s not the case at all! There are many benefits to adding weight training to your workout program. Here are the top eleven benefits to weightlifting, that’ll make you want to hit the weight room the next time you’re at the gym.

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Six Questions To Ask BEFORE You Join A Gym!

Six Questions To Ask BEFORE You Join A Gym!

You don’t settle for anything else in life, so why settle with just any gym? Ask the right questions before you join.

Gym memberships are an investment. Before you spend your hard-earned money, make sure you’re making the right choice for your lifestyle. Here are the important questions you need to ask before you sign a contract:

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