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Have you been tuning in to your body while you’re eating?!  How is it going!?  Here is a CRAZY COOL tool for you today that you’re going to love.  We already talked about how intuitive eating is all about learning to tap into your body’s cues, but if it has been a while since you’ve tuned in to them, that can take a little practice.

Ever feel like you’re out of touch with your body’s signals when it comes to when to eat, what to eat, and/or how much? You’re not alone. It’s especially common if you’ve been following diets or restrictive eating patterns to lose or gain weight, or because of participating in sports that emphasize a certain “look” or use weight classes.

We are sharing this because we could often OVERTHINK meal planning and prepping. His advice is so simple and so foolproof that it completely transformed how you approach your meals. Here it is: "As long as you put together ingredients that taste good, your meal is going to taste good."

The solution is a never-ending regular grapple! There are so many choices every moment- and by the time supper comes around - it's like an infinite circle trying to think out what to eat. Being held in this cycle is the worst because it's way too easy to click your phone's food delivery service button. 

Concentrate on one of the MOST POWERFUL THINGS you can do when it comes to achieving REAL results. And this one thing will also support: Your health Your exercise Increase your stamina Decrease aching joints The status of your skin and

“What should I eat after my workout to get the best results?”

What you eat after your workouts matters because your muscles can run low on glycogen (fuel) and need to be refueled. PLUS, some of the proteins in your muscles can get damaged or broken down ... And your food choices can help speed up both the refueling and repair processes.

Do you know where your food comes from? (NOTE: the Dad joke response, “the grocery store” is not what we mean ) Let's about the actual FARM where it was produced. And speaking of grocery stores, so many more of them are carrying (and highlighting) locally grown foods … which is fantastic. There are SO MANY BENEFITS to buying locally grown/raised foods.


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