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We are sharing this because we could often OVERTHINK meal planning and prepping. His advice is so simple and so foolproof that it completely transformed how you approach your meals. Here it is: "As long as you put together ingredients that taste good, your meal is going to taste good."

Today there is a spicy recipe for you that’s delicious as a topper for grilled chicken, fish, burgers, and it’s also great stirred into veggies, beans, and pasta! It’s proof that you can enjoy gourmet-style meals while eating a “clean” and healthy diet.

Ready to press the “FASTER” button on your results!?  You probably already know that your metabolism plays a HUGE role in your results – because it affects how your body processes fuel, both how fast and how much. It’s tempting to think of your metabolism as a “thing” – kind of like your body’s speedometer that controls the rate your body burns energy. But your metabolism actually is a complex PROCESS where your body converts the food you eat into energy. It’s a series of chemical reactions that happen inside your cells.

Meal planning is one of the single most important factors in reaching your physique and fitness goals. You cannot possibly get to where you want to be without the right fuel. Of course, exercise and rest play important roles. But you cannot drive across the country on a quart of a tank of gas. Fuel your body, fuel your life. If you are feeling a bit cautious about meal plans, here are five facts that can help relieve that stress and show you the truth!

[caption id="attachment_1329" align="alignright" width="250"]oatmeal banana cookies photo credit:[/caption] Check out our 360 spin on this healthy alternative to a traditional oatmeal cookie.  These cookies are flour-free, egg-free (and can be gluten free) with no added sugar to-boot!

Kale is one of the healthiest foods because it's packed with nutrients, which elevates it to superfood status. While "superfood" isn't technically a medical or nutritional category on the food pyramid, foods are only labeled as such when small servings carry large benefits to your health.


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