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Imagine your favorite, most decadent thing to eat. Maybe it's a thick slice of rich chocolate cake, a slice of pizza dripping with cheese, hot from a brick oven, a buttery lobster, or how about a juicy burger?

Today this is about a 100% natural way to help your body fight off colds and the flu. (and you can do it every night) Your body has an AMAZING built-in system to help you kill viruses, bugs, and other nasties that can make you sick. Your immune system works hard for you 24/7! But the truth is, to function at its total capacity, it needs some help from YOU to do its job.

Have you been tuning in to your body while you’re eating?!  How is it going!?  Here is a CRAZY COOL tool for you today that you’re going to love.  We already talked about how intuitive eating is all about learning to tap into your body’s cues, but if it has been a while since you’ve tuned in to them, that can take a little practice.

Is your day got off to a smooth start? Here we are going to talk about STRESS. We’re heading into a busy time of year with new schedules, etc., and many people are feeling some pressure, and a lot of you think you should toughen up and “push through it.” Spoiler alert: You can’t do it. That’s because stress isn’t all “in your mind.” It’s also in your body.

Have you ever had one of those nights that you did NOT want to take any time to clean the kitchen, but it's one of "your" chores (we all have our chores), and you have this personal rule that before you go to bed, the kitchen has to be squared away? Now, you did NOT want to step even one foot into the kitchen.

We’re heading into one of the busiest times of the year! But, before everything ramps up, let’s take some time to get prepared NOW. A little bit of effort now will help you cruise through the holidays without the stress.


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