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The other day someone had a conversation with a person who was complaining that they had a “cheat” meal… which led to a cheat day… which led to a cheat weekend… and now they are struggling because they feel like they’re back to square one again.

Most of us have felt that way at one point or another.

After that conversation, they were inspired to share a SIMPLE shift that can help you break out of that cycle FOREVER.

In fact, it’s SO important to understand… and it’ll make a massive difference in your long-term success and happiness!

Here it is: You are only ONE WORKOUT or ONE CLEAN MEAL away from being back on-track.

“Starting all over again” doesn’t have to be a big production. All you have to do is eat a healthy meal (whatever that looks like for you) or make it to your next workout.

That’s because if you adopt the “one workout or meal away” mindset, you are never “off” or “on” a program … you are simply living a fitness/wellness lifestyle.

Your “cheat” meals suddenly aren’t “cheats” … they simply are meals that contain foods you don’t normally eat. They are no big deal! That’s because you know that the next meal or the next workout, you’re back to your regular scheduled lifestyle.

Not only that, but you can finally stop feeling guilty if you eat something that’s not on your plan.

Guilt is a complicated emotion. In small doses, it can keep you on track. But too much guilt will poison to your mindset, results AND your happiness!

Guilt can make you literally feel heavier and make it harder for you to make decisions… will zap your energy AND your ability to concentrate.

The worst thing of all: guilt can tell you that you aren’t capable of achieving your goals and make you feel like you aren’t worthy of good things. (when that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth!!)

And as someone once said about bronchitis “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!”

So put that guilt where it belongs… and always remember:

You are never more than ONE MEAL or ONE WORKOUT away from being right back on track.

And then just make sure that next meal or that next workout is a good one- even if you don’t feel like it! 🙂 You’ll thank yourself later, of course.

So there is your one simple strategy for lifelong success!


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