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If you’re an athlete that participates in multiple sports or fitness regimens, then finding the right pair of cross training shoes can be a life-saver. A good pair of these shoes will handle wear and tear more gracefully than your typical running shoes, and are designed to absorb a variety of impacts to prevent accidents and injuries.

Adaptability is essential when choosing a good cross training shoe. So, whether you’re into aerobics and jogging, or step aerobics and weight training, a great pair of cross trainers need to be able to withstand your regimen. They need to function well, fit well, wear out slowly, and provide support in a variety of sports.

The first thing to do when looking for a pair of new cross trainers is to talk to people and ask for recommendations. Ask your personal trainer or favorite class instructor what shoe they recommend, but be aware that no two people’s athletic shoe needs are the same.

Take down a few recommendations from people you respect. Then read some reviews online, too, to narrow down the list and find out what other people think of the shoe. Keep in mind, however, you can’t trust everything you read online.

For a good pair of shoes, you’ll usually do best by going in person to a store. When it comes to choosing new shoes, especially a brand you’re not familiar with, you can really only know if the fit is going to be right unless you try them on in person.

When you test the shoe in the store, try different strides and motions to get a feel for how the shoes will handle your impact. If the heel falls in the wrong place on the back of your ankle when you take a long stride, you’ll know that the particular shoe model could cause problems like blisters.

Aside from the shoe’s fit and style, you’ll want to get a good look at the materials it’s made of. Does it look sturdy enough to last more than a month or two? Does it offer the kind of protection from the weather elements, or ventilation, for indoor sports? Check the outsoles. Are they sufficiently wide to provide stability and help you maintain your balance?

A good pair of cross training shoes can be hard to come by, but it’s worth the investment for most athletes.

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