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Brad Q.

I’ve always been an active guy, but at 47 years old, I started noticing my energy going down, my weight going up, and I kept hitting plateaus no matter how hard I worked. . With Michael and the 360 team, I’ve been able to break through the plateaus with ease, slim down and get lean quickly, and my energy and and confidence have skyrocketed.

Plateau Breakthrough: Brad’s Story

Before working with Michael, no matter what I tried, I kept hitting plateaus. I kept pushing harder towards my goals but couldn’t get past the hump. Since I started training with Michael, I’ve been able to slim down and get leaner in a surprisingly short period of time. I’ve gone from 213 to 185 and feel better all the time.

The workouts are always changing, each day is different, and Michael drives me to see the greater potential inside me. If I miss a workout, he takes away my cheat meals—and I love my cheat meals—so that accountability really keeps me on track. I’ve gotten over the plateau and know I have the right support to keep reaching my goals.

I’m a family guy. I want to make sure that I’m here for my wife and kids for a long time and to be a role model for them by encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle. Michael and the 360 team feel like my extended family now; by helping me boost my workouts and eat right, they ensure that I get to enjoy life more. Even my coworkers are inspired by my transformation.

I work in a warehouse and live 30 minutes away. Training at this gym is worth every mile of the drive and every dollar I’ve spent. I consider being in the right place and getting the guidance I need an investment in my physical and mental health. And the online app gives me the extra support I need when I’m not at the gym. The demo videos help me tweak my form and being able to connect with the team for questions, feedback, and motivation is always right on time.

My stress levels are down, my confidence has skyrocketed, and this experience makes me want everyone to know they have greatness inside of them. Now my kids want to train with Michael, including the one I’ve got who’s currently in the Airforce. I’m looking forward to that and am really excited about the next leg of this journey.

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