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Kate S.

As a busy speech pathology graduate student working in a pediatric clinic, I was simply looking for a gym that’s convenient to home. But I’ve found so much more at 360 Fitness. I’ve gained strength, confidence, friendships, and the kind of support I didn’t even know I needed. With Michael as my coach, I’ve not only been able to make improvements in my health but he’s also helped me better manage stress and even become a better student.

From being unable to do a single push up to getting stronger every day: Kate’s Story

When I started working out at 360 Fitness, I couldn’t even do a push-up. Now I’m a lot stronger than I used to be, I’m gaining muscle, and making progress every day.

What I enjoy most about working with Michael is that he’ll push you hard but not so hard that you’ll hurt yourself. He’s more than a trainer; he’s become a friend. If I haven’t come to the gym in a few days, he’ll check up on me to make sure I’m on track.

In addition to my physical health, my mental health has improved too. I tend to be a naturally anxious person, and juggling graduate school and work has been stressful. Now I understand the value of turning my brain off for an hour a day and forgetting everything else on my plate for a while. Clearing my mind helps me to focus and I feel like it’s even made me a better student.

I’ve also experienced the added bonus of meeting some fun new friends. I didn’t know a lot of people in the area outside of school and work before joining 360 Fitness, and I’m happy to have expanded my social circle.

Overall, seeing the changes in my body and experiencing all of the positive aspects of fitness and community has helped me become a more confident person and my self-image has improved tremendously.

Because my schedule changes daily, I’m not always able to come to the gym. So the 360 Fitness App has really come in handy. When I’m working out at home, I can watch the videos to make sure my form is correct and track my progress.

It’s amazing to see how much 360 is helping me improve every day!

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