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Kelly R.

Prior to joining 360Fitness, working out at the gym seemed intimidating. In the past, my only fitness goal was to be as skinny as possible, so I was restricting my eating and not working out. I wasn’t challenging myself and my self-esteem was pretty low. Now that I train with Michael, I’m able to constantly look forward to new challenges and my sense of self-worth is higher than it’s ever been. Since joining 360 Fitness, my physical accomplishments, mental accomplishments, and the relationships I’ve gained have exceeded my expectations.

From thin-obsessed to making herself a priority and gaining confidence: Kelly’s Story

360 Fitness is a safe, positive environment that feels like home.

When I started lifting weights, I was afraid I was going to hurt myself. But Michael was with me every step of the way, making sure my form was correct and that I was safe. Almost immediately, I recognized the benefit of focusing on lifting weights and creating muscle tone rather than just trying to be thin.

Now my clothes are fitting better, I’m enjoying shopping more, and my muscles are getting stronger.

Before joining 360 Fitness, my sense of self-worth was pretty low. I used to try to manage stress by eating a bag of chips or gossiping with my friends. Now, I release stress and negativity in a positive way, by using it to fuel my body and challenge myself.

I’ve also made some great relationships with like-minded people who are focused on their health like I am. I have a better understanding of the kinds of positive relationships I want to maintain versus old negative relationships that didn’t make me feel good about myself.

My relationship with my husband has gotten better too. We enjoy spending quality time together working out at the gym in the mornings. Because my self-image has improved, I feel more confident going on dates, and rather than being a couch potato at home, I have the energy to go out and try new things.

Because I’m taking better care of myself, my career has also gotten a boost. As a busy real estate agent, working out first thing in the morning has been key. Having the discipline to put myself first has helped me to create more balance and organization throughout each day. My clients get my full, focused attention and I show up as the best, most confident version of myself. I’m even able to negotiate more effectively.

Overall, I’ve become more intentional in every aspect of my life and my overall sense of wellbeing has really improved.

The way I see it now, you have to choose your hard. It can be difficult to get up an hour earlier and get your workout in, or it can be difficult to live with the health consequences of not prioritizing your health. You can choose to spend money on junk food, alcohol, or things that are not going to make you feel better, or you can choose to spend money on training and the healthier aspects of life.

Working out for one hour is 4% of your day. You can choose to sit in front of a television or you can choose to invest that time in moving your body, relieving stress, and improving your confidence. You have to get out of your own way to achieve your goals.

Choosing 360 Fitness has completely changed my life.

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