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Just a tiny reminder to those who absolutely cannot stick to a regimen for too long before getting burnt out, tiring of the monotony, losing interest, or losing motivation:


It’s an age-old mantra… for a reason.

1000 hours of practice are required before you perfect a skill.

Why should weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and dieting be any different?

Remember, every hour logged on the StepMill, every repetition performed on the bench press, every ounce of tilapia measured out is another step towards the ultimate physical accomplishment: becoming who you envision yourself to be.

How many people can say they look and perform EXACTLY how they appear in their mind’s eye?

Don’t you want to be one of those people?

Well, I can tell you this: Consistency will get you to your goals, without a shadow of a doubt.

Day after day, week after week, the more you apply your determination and consistency to the tasks at hand (workouts, eating right, etc.), the greater the results.

So, quit cancelling on your trainer at 7:45am, because you are tired.

Quit bailing on your workout partner because you had a long day at the office (is YOUR day longer than 24 hours?… because we all have the same long day).

Quit picking up a burger on the way home from school because you don’t feel like cooking, weighing, and prepping your lean ground beef patty and 2 cups of broccoli.

Consistency is the Master Key to accomplishing your physique goals… and to life, in general.

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