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It is always preferable doing some exercise rather than no exercise at all, but your results will be even better if you cross train. In many cases, when you go to a gym, you will see people on the treadmills and stationary bikes, and other people lifting weights. Most of the time you will never see those two groups cross over, and that is where the opportunity for greater gain is lost.  If you can lift three hundred pounds, but can’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded; that is a serious problem. If you can run a 5 minute mile, but struggle carrying bags of groceries to the car; THAT is a problem. You want overall fitness; not just in specific areas. By cross training, you will address the strength and aerobic capacity of your body, and appreciate those improvements in your day-to-day activities. In the end, isn’t that what you want? You don’t go to the gym just because you enjoy going to the gym. You go to make yourself stronger, get in better shape, and then see and experience the results of your hard work when you are not at the gym.

Cross training is not as simple as just jumping from strength to cardio workouts. There is a method to the programming. It’s not wise to spend your first segment of a workout running at maximum effort, then transition to heavy squats for the latter half. Your legs would be exhausted after the run and you wouldn’t get the benefit of the squat workout afterwards. A cross training workout considers the muscle groups being used in each segment of the workout, and varies the workout according to the muscles being targeted, the weight being used, and/or the repetitions being done.

Ultimately, it is the final result that will determine your satisfaction with your workout program and your desire to stick with it. Cross training will keep the workouts fresh and interesting, and your results will be readily apparent in your day-to-day activities. You will find yourself with more energy, endurance, and strength. You will feel better about yourself and what you can do, and in the end, isn’t that what you’re looking for? When you feel good about yourself, everything else seems to feel better as well. The hardest step is the first one. Take that step, and start seeing the results you have been looking for.

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As with any exercise program, it is always best to initially consult with a personal trainer experienced in cross training to get advice and recommendations. Contact us so we can get you started with a program that is right for you.


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