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We achieve the most when we are healthy, and exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind. There is a huge variety of workouts people can make use of, but one workout that maintains popularity is the studio cycle workout. A studio cycle workout is a group exercise in which several individuals make use of stationary bikes while a leader paints a beautiful picture of terrain and environment to modify how the group is pedaling.

360 Fitness has two types of classes for studio cycle workouts. The first in the list is 360 Cycle, a basic studio cycle workout meant for beginners as well as advanced cyclists. The second in the list is 360 Cycle/Core which is a more intense cycle workout intended to tone your core while you gain the basic cardio benefits that come from cycling. Both classes burn hundreds of calories per person, giving you the motivation to push yourself to a comfortable yet challenging level.

The group setting inspires you to attend classes and try your hardest while creating a community that you can share your goals and accomplishments with. The teachers at 360 Fitness have only your health and happiness in mind with each class and want to see you succeed. They will lead you through an array of surroundings which they describe as you cycle, to give you motivation to pedal according to the invisible turf. Our teachers know how to lead the class to give you hills for challenges and flat roads for warm ups or cool downs.

Give the treadmill (and your sanity) a break! Try something new and get a great workout at the same time! Get out of your comfort zone, and we PROMISE you won’t regret it. Remember, a diamond without any pressure is just a piece of coal.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

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