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We trainers typically have two types of clients…

One is the smart beginner who realizes he/she should start off on the right foot with some professional help. The second is the frustrated intermediate, who enjoyed the fast, easy beginner gains but has hit a plateau far from his/her goal and seeks your expertise to go to the next level.

However, there is a third type of client who also can benefit greatly from coaching – the advanced training client. These individuals face a different set of challenges on the path to improve their fitness level.


Challenge # 1: Creating sufficient overload

Overload is easy to create with beginners unfamiliar with training. However, it can be a real challenge for advanced clients much closer to their genetic limit. This often requires some very hard training with appropriate uses of intensity techniques. Frankly, it’s difficult for most people to push themselves at this point. It’s against human nature and we just don’t consistently do it. Having an objective coach that can help identify the gaps in this area can be vital in taking your performance to the next level.

Challenge #2: Recovery

Creating the overload stress is only half of the battle – and despite the brutal workouts, this can actually be the easier part. More than ever the out-of-gym factors will make or break your success. A great coach can provide you with the necessary information you need on nutrition, sleep, rest, and stress management.


How a great coach can open your eyes to your blind spots…

They’ll encourage you to keep a daily food log (which is very easy to do with various phone apps) and record how much sleep you’re getting. Also, they may suggest tracking more subjective things like daily stress levels, joint health, and overall wellbeing with a 1-10 scale. The record keeping helps you make the important connection with what you do outside the gym and how that affects your results. It also allows your coach to identify problems and make necessary adjustments.

They’ll help you set clearly defined goals. The goal should dictate everything you do and what you should not do. The more advanced training becomes, the more focused you need to be — especially with big goals. This often means the cool exercise trends have to be ignored.

Your coach will help ensure that you have realistic expectations. The longer you’ve been training, the harder you have to work, and the slower progress becomes. Consider Olympic athletes who will train as a full time job for 4 years to shave one-one-thousandth off their time.

They will have an in-depth discussion about your training history. The longer someone has been training, the more important it is to take time to mine their training history. A top-notch coach will look at what training approaches you’ve used in the past. There are many different approaches that work.  With that history and a thorough assessment, your coach will be able to identify your movement gaps. Filling in those gaps can help balance the body and spark new progress.

When we talk about fitness blind spots….we must consider that we are not objective when we examine ourselves. So, it’s natural to think we’re more advanced than we really are.

Just because someone has been training for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is truly at an advanced training level or needs an advanced program. Rather than defining “advanced” based on the number of years spent training, a solid coach will define it based on how their body responds to different forms of training.

Advanced or experienced individuals can benefit from meeting with a great coach just as much as a beginner. They can provide so much value and save you time, energy and prevent plateaus in your fitness program. We offer a complimentary session for each of our new members with one of our success coaches. We’ll analyze and evaluate your current training program and help you optimize it to get the results you want!


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