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Are you stretching after your workout, but you are still consistently sore the next day? You might benefit from incorporating foam rolling into your routine. Foam rolling can be performed before or after your workout at the gym, or even as your workout.

Before Your Workout

Many people walk into the gym with tight muscles, which can lead to an uncomfortable workout or even injury. You can loosen up your muscles by foam rolling tight areas. Is it leg day? Using firm pressure, roll the foam up and down your calves, thighs, or hamstrings. You can even sit on the roller to relax your glutes. Don’t spend too long rolling before the workout — a minute or two is plenty.

After Your Workout

You know better than to skip stretching after a workout. Adding foam rolling to your stretching routine can lead to less injuries and less pain. When you finish working out, stretch as you normally would and then foam roll the areas that you focused on. If you worked on your back, put the foam roller on the floor and lay on top of it. Move your body back and forth so the roller makes contact with all areas of your back and shoulders. This will massage your muscles and help mitigate soreness. There is no time limit on how long you should do this — a few minutes is plenty, but if it feels good, feel free to use the foam roller more.

As Your Workout

A foam roller is an awesome tool to use for body weight exercises. Use it to help improve your stability and balance by resting your forearms on in during planks, or sit on it when doing crunches. Try holding it when doing overhead shoulder presses or even body weight squats. If you are scheduled to do cardio for the day, add a quick foam roller workout at the end for a little more strength.

Do you want to incorporate foam rolling into your routine? Contact us to have one of our trainers show you how.


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