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Getting nicely sculpted arms can be difficult because there are so many muscles to tone. But it is possible. Here is a workout that will focus on your arms using bodyweight exercises so you can have nicely toned arms from exercises you can do at home, without any weights.

1) 15 Sets of Up and Down Planks

Planks are usually more associated with stomach exercises than arms, but planking requires a lot of arm muscles. Up and down planks use the arms even more for a better tone. To do an up and down plank, start in an up plank position, which is the same as a push-up position. Then lower one arm so the forearm touches the floor entirely. Then the other so your weight is resting on your elbows, forearms, and the balls of your feet. Then lift back up into an up plank position. This is one set. Complete 15 sets, alternating arms.

2) 15 Inverted Shoulder Push-Ups

Start in a downward facing dog position. Then bend your arms down to a ninety degree angle like you’re doing a regular push-up, and then go back up, keeping the same pose as downward facing dog. It will feel a little awkward at first, but it does a lot to tighten your muscles and tone your arms.

3) 15 Staggered Push-Ups

Start in a regular push-up position and then reposition to move one hand up a few inches and the other down a inches, so one is near the top of your head and the other just below your chest. Then do one push-up before switching hands.

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