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Did you know you can boost your exercise and training results by adding strength training to your workout routine? While any exercise is better than doing none at all, adding strength training to your routine will burn more calories, long after the workout is complete. Why is that? Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even at rest. And for those of you worried about “bulking up too much”, worry not. You control all of that through the workouts and weights you choose to do and lift.

Now, we’re not talking about lifting massive weights or doing intimidating Olympic lifts, though if that’s what you are into, more power to you –literally. Basic dumbbell or kettlebell exercises, and simple barbell lifts, are perfect to not only help you tone your body and lose weight, but also improve your performance outside of the gym, improving your range of motion and reducing the chances of injury.

The most important part of any strength training program is making sure you know how to properly execute the routine before you start. Form must come before function. If your form and technique are not correct, the purpose of the lift (muscles being targeted) and the results (toning and weight loss) are lost, and let’s face it, if you don’t get the results you are looking for, how long do you think you will keep exercising? For many people: not too long. We suggest that you get the advice and feedback of a personal trainer experienced in weightlifting before adding it to your workout routine. Afterwards, occasional “check-ins” to make sure you haven’t picked up any bad habits, as well as getting feedback and suggestions, are a good idea as well. We can help you with all of this; simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you on your way.

Remember, we are not talking about doing strength training alone as part of your plan. Cardio elements are equally important if you want a well-balanced workout that impacts both your overall strength AND endurance. And NO workout program will be complete without proper nutrition. We can help you with all of these aspects of training. Contact us to get you started today!


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