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Fitness equipment is usually purchased with dreams of everyday use and easy accessibility. In the beginning, it appears a good investment, but over time, the distractions of life and the ever-beckoning couch draw us away. Treadmills become clothes hangers and exercise bikes end up in the next yard sale.

Our intentions are in the right place but in the end, we waste time and money with no lasting benefit.

What went wrong? An environment designed for relaxing and taking it easy makes it easier to break away or simply say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” The tomorrows become more frequent and it’s on to the next expensive new equipment and the cycle repeats. This may also tie into our “New Year’s Resolutions”, as well. Be honest: if both of these statements have struck a nerve, maybe you need to rethink your fitness game plan.

We all want to look better and enjoy the healthy benefits that exercise can bring, so what is the answer?

A membership to a fitness facility is just what you need. Gym memberships offer varied styles of fitness classes and levels of intensity. Group classes are a great way to meet new people and members tend to motivate one another. Many classes like Yoga, Barre Burn and Spin are designed to transform you while being energetic and fun. Going to the gym is your time to focus on you.

Modern gyms also provide access to certified trainers. These fitness professionals guide you through personalized programs to becoming stronger, healthier and full of energy. Access to the latest equipment provides the variation and full range of motion needed to strengthen and tone your body. Joining a gym will be the first step to a stronger, sexier, more vibrant you. Most gyms offer trial periods to find the program that suits your personal style and schedule.

Professional training, motivating classes and access to the latest equipment make gym membership a good investment. An investment in you, that is more effective and fun than a home workout could ever be.


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