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With Thanksgiving finally passed (not that we didn’t enjoy…but geez!) you might be thinking of creative ways to get rid of these dang holiday leftovers! It would be nice to just throw it all away, but that’s wasteful. We won’t be advising that…EVER! So, here’s how we can enjoy some leftover turkey and dressing in a much healthier way.

Lighten Up Your Menu

Consider lightening up your menu a little bit while still including your favorites. Even though a fried turkey is a popular and tasty option, try adding to a fresh salad with some fruit and healthy fats (avocado, pecans, or sliced walnuts would be great).

Additionally, lightening up your mashed potatoes by using blended them up with some boiled/steamed cauliflower works wonders. You’re able to eat a heaping helping and STILL cut down on calories and increase fiber intake. That’s two birds with one heaping stone made of mashed potatoes! Additionally, you can add that to your normal routine if you enjoy mashed potatoes, but you don’t want all those calories from milk, butter, and sour cream.

Focus on Your Favorites

It can seem normal to want to pile your plate high with everything from the week before, but it’s best to focus on your favorites. If you like mashed potatoes well enough but wouldn’t really miss them if you didn’t eat them, why not save the fat grams and carbs for something else that you will enjoy even more? Focus on the meats and a vegetable-based plates. If you want to indulge, eat your “normal” diet meal, then add a little extra once you’ve finished your real meal. That will make you less likely to serve yourself a large amount of unhealthy pie/custard/dressing etc.

Think About Portion Sizes

It’s common to overindulge on Thanksgiving Day and to eat way more than usual, but focusing on your portion sizes can allow you to enjoy the foods that you love without overdoing it. Consider using a smaller plate and taking smaller portions of the more unhealthy foods, then fill up the rest of your plate with healthier vegetables. Then, when you have a slice of pecan or pumpkin pie, think slivers, not slices. You’ll be able to get a taste of everything without consuming too much. Not only can it help you focus on your goals, but it can prevent you from feeling miserable after the meal, too.

It’s possible to enjoy the holidays without going too crazy if you give these tips a try. Remember, people and experiences are entertainment, NOT FOOD. So, focus on what’s important.


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