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With modern conveniences making it possible to live out almost your entire life remotely, it’s a wonder any of us can find even one reason to go outside in a day. The one thing you should commit to go out for today however, is the gym.

While you may think it is possible to get as much from your home gym as you would from getting a membership with us; there are many reasons that is frankly untrue.

1) Cost Limits Workouts

While there are a plethora of exercises you can complete at home, there are many more that require expensive equipment that cost thousands of dollars. We have the equipment here for you to use! This will allow you to have a more comprehensive work out that targets every muscle and exercise you possibly need: this is simply not feasible in a home gym. Trust us, a year-long membership at 360°Fitness costs significantly less than buying your own machines upfront.

2) Our team

The internet is an amazing place and it can teach you quite a bit about how to properly stay fit, but nothing beats good experience for making an effective workout. At home you don’t have a team of trained specialists guiding and motivating you to become a fitter, better person. At our gym we get to know you individually and what you personally need to feel comfortable and move at your own pace. There is no YouTube video, article, or website that can do that for you.

3) Motivation

Working out at home sounds like a great idea, until you actually try it. At the gym, you spend every second of your time working out, because that’s the context of going out to the gym. But at home, it is just too easy to get distracted. You maybe started off wearing yoga pants, but instead of pumping yourself up to do the workout of your life, you’ve ended up on the couch, watching Netflix and eating ice cream, still in yoga pants. A workout isn’t effective if it isn’t a workout at all.

We can help

Commit to go to the gym today, and get ready for your workouts to finally start to count, contact us.


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