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On the surface, working out at home seems perfect. Home workouts save time and energy by eliminating the need for transportation to and membership at a gym, right?

Not exactly.

Home workouts are definitely very helpful tools, but they should be used in addition to the gym and not as a replacement. There are several reasons why exercising at the gym is essential and should never be eliminated from your routine.

Equipment. Gyms have a wide variety of expensive exercise equipment, machines that you may not have space or money for at home. This equipment allows gym members to target specific areas of their body or perform specific exercises much more effectively and in a much more controlled fashion than calisthenics at home would. In addition, gyms are better able to keep their equipment up to date and repair it quickly if it breaks.

Personal training. Personal trainers are extremely valuable resources for anyone trying to improve or maintain their health. The ability to work with a trainer to develop exercise and nutritional plans can be the difference between achieving your fitness goals and not. Supervised workouts are also crucial, as the trainer can ensure that you are using any equipment properly (or that you have the correct form for non-equipped exercises).

Environment. Many people struggle to remain committed if they only exercise at home. Gyms are not only free from distractions, they are also supportive environments where members have access to a variety of encouragement and advice. Attaching a social importance to activities has also been scientifically shown to make the activity more desirable.

While home exercises such as calisthenics and non-equipped aerobics can be used to augment gym attendance, they should never supplant it. Contact us for more information on choosing the best gym for your needs.


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