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Do you have a kitchen cabinet, shelf, or drawer that is OVERFLOWING with reusable plastic containers?

It’s time to send (most of) those plastic containers out for recycling and replace them with something more beneficial.

And by more beneficial,  we mean better for your health, the environment, and the taste of your food! 

It will even save you money in the future because you won’t regularly have to restore weak, ruined containers.

Glass is a MUCH better choice.

  • Even if you use BPA-free plastic, studies show that toxic compounds in the substitute can move to your meals when you microwave them. That doesn’t occur with glass.
  • Glass can withstand higher temperatures, meaning it won’t distort or crumble down when cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Glass containers can endure practically forever with special care. If you do want to get rid of them, they are recyclable.
  • Glass containers are regularly freezer-safe, don’t deliver chemicals when chilled, and are less likely to leak.
  • Glass containers don’t stink or absorb stains.
  • And they look nicer, too!

Plus, glass containers are surprisingly affordable, mainly if you buy a set of them. Pyrex and OXO are well-trusted brands.


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