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With fitness and health awareness on the rise, exercise is becoming more important to many average Americans. Weightlifting and cardio are still considered two essential parts of exercise that each boast numerous health benefits. Getting a good workout in can be hard, especially since most people are swamped throughout the entire day. However, combining cardio and weightlifting into one workout session can not only save you time and money, but will totally transform your body! Kettlebell workouts do just that, and here’s why.

Burning Tons Of Calories!

By combining cardio and weightlifting, the body can burn hundreds of calories in a short amount of time. Not only are your muscles being challenged, but your heart and lungs are, too. On average, a 20 minute kettlebell workout can burn up to 400 calories. Whoa! It could take an hour on the treadmill or elliptical to burn the same amount.

Working Multiple Muscles

Common kettlebell moves don’t work just one muscle at a time. They work several groups of muscles at a time. The standard kettlebell swing works the core muscles and leg muscles at the same time. Not only are you burning more calories by working multiple muscle groups at the same time, but it makes that tight and tone body that you are working hard for, come much faster.

Neck, Shoulders, And Back

Kettlebells have been proven to promote a stronger neck, shoulders, and back. Many kettlebell moves strengthen the muscles in these areas. Stronger necks, shoulders, and backs allow for better workouts in other areas of the gym, too.

It is no secret that kettlebell workouts lead to fast results, because they burn fat and tone muscles at the same time. A 20-minute kettlebell class could be a great start or addition to your workout routine! Are you looking for a gym in Tyler, TX? If you’re ready for your best spring and summer body, contact us for more information.


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