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Everyone wants to be fit. However, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Should you lift weights or should you focus on cardio? Should I go on a diet or not? How can I keep myself from getting bored? Hiring a personal trainer is a good way to answering those questions. But what should you look for in a personal trainer?

Listening Ability

A personal trainer is a “personal” trainer. The trainer is being paid to train you. That means that he or she should listen to you. You have to state your own goals and expectations as well as your reasons why you want to be fit. It is up to the trainer to make an exercise plan that fits them. You should not have to go through a program that does not fit your needs. If you want to lose a few pounds, your trainer should not put you through BUD/S training. Your needs and goals come first, not the trainer’s ego.


When you’re looking for a personal trainer, you want someone who has a vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Your trainer needs to understand that if you don’t workout properly, you will get injured. If you don’t do the right workouts, you’re not going to make any improvements. If you don’t properly feed yourself, you’re not going to have the energy to exercise and you won’t be able to recover properly from your workouts. Your trainer should have knowledge and the ability to use it to get the best results for you.


In order to achieve results, you need to communicate. Your trainer should be talking with you about your health the make sure that you’re feeling alright and if you are improving. If something isn’t going right, it can be fixed. If your trainer doesn’t talk with you, that’s a problem and you need to find a new trainer.

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