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An unavoidable part of any wellness journey is the reality of dealing with muscle pain. Pain is not a random occurrence. Pain is an effect of your workout and it shows up in predictable and treatable patterns.

You’re at the gym and it’s leg day. You finish a set of squats, stand straight up, and feel your gluts burning and tightening. You can already tell you’re going to be stiff and sore in the morning and when you wake up, getting out of bed becomes a ridiculous challenge.

Repetitive muscle actions, especially load-bearing actions, (addition of weights) can mean the tightening of fascia, or connective muscle tissue. When fascia tightens, it limits flexibility and affects your overall strength.

What is it?

Myofascial release is a manual therapy focusing on loosening fascia while warming and elongating muscle tissue. This technique also deals with the referred pain caused by muscle tightness in a particular region. Tension in your gluts usually means referred pain to your low back, IT band, and piriformis, (the tiny muscle right over your sciatic nerve) and manifests in trigger points.

Trigger Points

Trigger points are just the contraction of a few muscle fibers within a muscle, and they show up in clusters. Different cluster patterns match with different muscle groups. A good practitioner or body worker will know which muscular issue was the initial cause of pain based on the pattern of the pain.

Referral patterns don’t always do what you’d expect. Pulling a muscle in your neck can cause headache pain while muscle issues in your rotator cuff can cause numbness in your arm. Myofascial release treats the pattern and the cause.

What to Expect

Options exist for all approaches to wellness, from injections to alternative therapies including; acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy. The goal is to interrupt the pain pattern of the trigger point by targeting the point directly. The alternative therapies all work similarly by intercepting the trigger point with either pressure, acupuncture needle, or contrast therapy, (use of hot and cold to affect circulation). Another focus of treatment is increasing circulation to the affected muscle and working through the initial cause of pain.


Receiving a myofascial body treatment is not always relaxing but it is powerful and can bring you great results along with heightened body awareness. A good Myo session will release pain but also identify the cause. Maybe you’re not hitting the best possible form for your squats and that awareness can lead to better performance and better results.

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