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Prep the ingredients for your smoothie beforehand, and take it with you on-the-go.

Working out isn’t the only part of getting fit — your nutrition is incredibly important too. Creating meal plans is an easy way to make sure that you are eating healthy. A plan will ensure that you’re getting everything you need to maximize your fitness efforts. Sticking to a meal plan can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule. The solution? Meal prepping. Preparing your meals ahead of time is an easy and efficient solution.

Preparing your meals for a couple of days at a time is a convenient way to help you make healthy eating choices. This way, you’re only cooking once, but you’re eating healthy all week. It even makes taking your lunch to work simple. Meal prepping is also a great way to save money, when you’re not eating out. Here are a few tips on making meal prepping even easier:

  • Tupperware is your new best friend. You can never have enough Tupperware when prepping meals ahead of time and storing it. Use different sizes for separating food and for stacking convenience.
  • Nutrition is key to success. Make sure you are getting everything you need, especially when it comes to protein. Your diet is a big part of achieving success with your fitness goals.
  • Flavor variety can make all the difference when it comes to meal prep! Don’t get stuck on the same old flavors. One idea is to make two or three foil dividers in a pan, so that the different flavors don’t mix. This way, you can make several flavors of the same meat, and your culinary week will never be boring.
  • Double up the oven with dishes that cook at the same temperature. This makes the meal prep process so much more efficient.
  • Portion everything to avoid overeating. Too much of anything is unhealthy, so make sure that you stick to pre-determined portions. Be especially careful about portioning out snacks, too.
  • Mason jar salads are a great way to mix things up a bit — literally! Start with the salad dressing at the bottom, covered by your sturdier veggies. Now place the rest of your ingredients on top. When you’re ready to eat, all that’s needed is a little shake.
  • Quick smoothie bags are a great way to make a fresh breakfast or a healthy snack that’s quick and easy. Measure out all your ingredients, put them in a bag and place them in the freezer. Now all you have to do is empty the bag into your blender in the morning, press the power button, and your breakfast is ready.

Meal prep is more than just about efficiency, it’s about making sure that you’re giving healthy fuel to your body. Mindful and healthy eating will help you achieve those fitness goals that you are working towards. Contact us for more tips on how you can maximize your results both inside and outside of the gym.


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