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If you’re unfamiliar, let me introduce you to Mrs. Smith (machine). With all the latest fitness buzz ripe with articles on kettle bell swings; Olympic lifting; snatches; cleans and overhead squats, one is likely to miss out on a few excellent exercises that can aid in building a svelte and sleek lower body.

Oh sure, there’s a place for most of those other exercises in a fitness routine but, let’s face it, sometimes the risk for the average person greatly outweighs the benefits, especially when we are talking about newcomers or those that have balance and stability issues. says, “the Smith squat is especially appropriate for those just starting to squat” and I totally agree. A multitude of Smith Machine exercises exist for all of the body’s various muscle groups. We’ll be showcasing many of them right here in our blog.

If you’d like to see more clips of Smith squat exercises, comment below and let us know! Really, if there’s anything at all in particular that you’d like more information about, let us know that too!


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