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When David Lyons was diagnosed with MS at the age of 47, like many who receive a chronic diagnosis, it sent him into a tailspin. Numb from the chest down, David had a choice. He said he could take his MS lying down… or fight it like David fought Goliath. This prompted Lyons to become both David and Goliath, beginning a weightlifting regimen that would help him go on to win a title in a bodybuilding contest, devoting himself to a lifetime of good health and fitness.

If you have MS too, there is plenty of new research out there that suggests that not only is weightlifting safe for MS patients, it is also highly beneficial. From improvements in your overall health to mood boosting perks, here are 5 reasons why lifting can lead to a healthier and happier you…

Focus on the Positive

Having MS can make you more prone to depression and anxiety but exercise has been proven to help combat both. Focusing on lifting and achieving goals also helps you to focus on the positive and take your mind off of nuisances and hurdles that can come with your diagnosis.

Improved Mobility and Function

A recent study published in the Active Physical Activity Quarterly discovered that weightlifting can improve the walking ability of MS’ers. The study’s author, Lesley J. White, PhD, FACSM, says that the results gathered from her study group suggest MS-associated deficits and function can be improved through resistance training.

Increased Energy

When battling chronic fatigue, energy can be a real issue. This can lead to wanting to do ANYTHING other than workout. The great thing about weightlifting is that it does not raise your core temperature as quickly as cardio does. Because you already know that heat can make your symptoms temporarily worsened, you know what a difference this can make for making workouts easier. The benefit? A workout you can get through… and then reap the perks of getting an exercise-induced energy boost without all the added heat.

Reduction of Inflammatory Processes

Inflammation is not your friend and weightlifting can help to decrease systematic inflammation that can make matters worse. This can spell only good news for your MS. When inflammation decreases so does disease activity.

Ready to Take on the World

Strength is addicting and in the best way possible. Knowing when your next relapse will hit or if it will come can leave you feeling a bit out of control. Controlling what you can stacks the deck and makes you feel stronger. When you feel stronger… you’ll be stronger and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

No two people or their specific needs are alike and if weightlifting just isn’t your thing, we’d love to help you find something that is. No matter what your fitness level or challenges, we can help you hop the hurdles and love every minute… contact us today to get started to a happier, healthier you for a lifetime of good health and good living.



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