You could be in the best shape of your life: Add some weightlifting to your workouts

  • It’s a bold statement, of course, but the benefits of weightlifting are not restricted to muscle-bound bodybuilders who spend all day at the gym. Weight training has many benefits for people of all ages, body types, and athletic abilities– it is not just for weight loss, or solely for strength gain

    The Physical Benefits of Weight Training are Almost Universal.

    The benefits of weightlifting are holistic; they encompass every part of your body and mind. For athletes, the benefits of weight lifting are clear.  Making the body stronger to pursue one’s athletic passion is something that has been done for many years; it is not a surprise that weightlifting is one of the key supplemental exercise regimens recommended by coaches.  However, individuals just beginning their weight loss or fitness journey also benefit from strength training.

    Physiological Benefits Happen Inside and Outside the Body.

    There are very real physiological benefits to weight training. Weight training reduces the likelihood of heart attack and stroke by reducing LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and increasing HDL (“good cholesterol”) levels in the body.  For both women and men, a strength training regimen can reduce the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  Weightlifting strengthens the body and the bones and reduces the likelihood of injury during other activities, including other athletic pursuits. Many people–particularly women– fear that weightlifting will make them “bulky,” but in reality, weightlifting and strength training in general will reduce the storage of adipose tissue and make the individual appear leaner.

    Risks and Rewards– Why Weightlifting Is Worth It

    The risks associated with lifting (such as injury) can be minimized through partnership with a good personal trainer or coach.  Please contact us to begin your weightlifting journey today– we have amazing, experienced trainers on staff available to assist beginners with everything from a weightlifting plan to spotting and form checks.

Workout Fashion for Your Body Type

Not everyone looks great working out in booty shorts and a sports bra. Alternatively, working out in a baggy t-shirt and worn out yoga pants makes you too comfortable and most likely, you’re not going to give your workout 100%. Selecting workout fashion can be challenging, but finding the right clothes will boost your motivation… and that translates to quicker results.

Many people know to dress for their body type when they purchase office attire, formal wear and swimsuits. Did you also know to dress for your body type when selecting workout fashion? You should feel good when you’re working out, and one way to achieve that is to accentuate your best areas when you get dressed for the gym.

Pear Shape

A pear shape body is one that is smaller on top and carries the weight in the thighs, thus the comparison to a pear. Work to downplay your thighs by wearing color blocked outfits. You should keep colors lighter on top to draw eyes upward. Keep your bottoms simple and opt for solid, darker colors. When wearing pants, select bottoms with flared legs to balance the thicker thigh area.

Rectangular Shape

The rectangular shape is referring to people who have their hips and bust the same width, with their waist slightly smaller. Sometimes it is also referring to those with a straight or athletic build. Create an illusion of curves by adding a little padding to your top and selecting bottoms that have pops of color at the hips, such as a thick vertical line. V-neck tops, triangle sports tops and tops with side ruching or pleats are best features for this shape.

Hourglass Shape

Bodies shaped like an hourglass have hips and chest the same width, with a well-defined waist. These bodies are made for form-fitting clothing that accentuates the waist. Select tops that have a scoop or v-neck. Depending on what top you select, almost any bottoms will look good on you. However, if you prefer to camouflage your hips, you should select athletic skorts.

Apple Shape

An apple shape body is one that is top-heavy and carries weight above the hips, however has very nice, shapely and toned legs. Select loose tops that cinch or tie to conceal your waist. There are several nice tops available on the market today with built-in sports bras. Select bottoms that will accentuate your nice legs, such as shorts or fitted capris.

Always play up your best feature when you get dressed for your workout. Remember this is for you and no one else. When you see your reflection at the gym, you should strive for an outfit that reflects your best you. Don’t hide under baggy clothes, it only conceals your results! You don’t have to spend a fortune. With so many brands to meet every budget, you can save the expensive brands as a reward when you reach your goals. Contact us today for assistance in setting fitness goals that are realistic and will keep you motivated.

New Classes & New Team Member Launch

Looking for a little something new to add spice to your workout program? We are so excited to launch two brand new classes next week. Former Personal Trainer and dancer extraordinaire, Kristi Franks, will be leading these fun and effective training sessions. Join us next Monday and Wednesday at 10am as she will lead us through a series of fun and effective exercise programs that will leave you feeling lighter, tighter and rejuvenated.

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Keeping Your Knees Strong

You’ve committed to improving and maintaining your health with regular exercise, so make sure that your knees are up for the challenge! Don’t let knee pain or injuries derail your workouts. Here are some super-simple focused workouts that will strengthen the muscles around your knees, and make sure that you have a strong foundation for the rest of your fitness goals. You can do these workouts anywhere: at the gym, home, or office.

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It’s June now. How are you doing with those New Year resolutions you made last December? You’re not alone if you’ve slacked off a little. In fact, many have already abandoned the weight-loss goals they set for themselves at the onset of the new year. If you started out 2015 with good intentions, but you’re now too discouraged to follow through with them, don’t lose hope. You may just be using the wrong approach. So many people believe that weight loss is like a tool, something easily picked up and put down when it has served its purpose. But successful weight loss isn’t about simply doing something until you achieve a desired number on the scale or fit into a certain dress size and then give it up.

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The term “whey protein” is somewhat of a household name these days.  Almost everyone knows that protein is a vital part of a healthy diet and most people have heard of and tried various protein supplements like shakes and bars…but when it comes to specific types of protein supplements like whey versus casein, most people consider it “fitness-ese”.  Do you really know what’s in your protein?  And should you?

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At-Home Workouts Can’t Compete With Working Out At The Gym

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