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If you’re grappling with a plateau, here’s the very first thing you should do – before you do anything else!


Are you actually IN a plateau? Are you still following the plan that brought you results in the first place?

Or … has your “following the plan” strayed a bit, and you’re not staying on track as well as you were in the beginning?

If that’s the case then it’s time to:
Figure out why and
Get fired back up and back on track ASAP!

There are lots of reasons you can lose focus, from getting bored to being busy with life!

If that’s what is happening, here’s your plan of action:

Step 1: Figure out exactly when you lost focus.

Step 2: Determine WHY it happened. Was it a scheduling problem? Did something personal happen? Did you struggle to make it a habit? Were you bored? etc.

Step 3: Take action to address the WHY. Start planning ahead again … get some new recipes … change up your workouts … hire a coach (for the best results!) … recruit some friends for accountability … or just restart doing what you were doing before!

AND …. If you truly ARE following your plan and find yourself in a plateau, it’s time to tweak your plan a little to boost its effectiveness.

A coach can help you pinpoint exactly what’s going on and create a new plan.


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