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You’ve been working out and eating right and you’ve lost some weight. The last few weeks, however, have found you at the dreaded plateau, or even worse, you’ve started to gain weight. Your personal trainer has made some changes to your exercise program in an effort to jumpstart your metabolism, but nothing has been working. You are out of ideas and quickly getting frustrated. There is a real fear that you are going to get completely disgusted, throw up your hands, and say, “forget it, I’m done”, and let all your hard work fall aside.

Nutritional counseling could be your saving grace and may very well be the unsung hero of weight loss and healthy living. Nutritional counseling does not just address what you should eat and not eat. It delves further into the “whys” behind your eating habits and patterns.

Consider the frustration you’re feeling being stuck with your weight loss progress. That frustration could be leading to emotional eating fuel by those helpless feelings. That emotional eating is slowly eroding away all the progress you’ve made so far. Not only are you halting the progress, you are actually digressing due to stress, shame, and maybe self-punishment.

Our nutritional counseling professionals can help you identify underlying issues with your eating patterns and your triggers so you can recognize them and correct the behaviors before they sabotage you. Even after you and your counselor have identified any issues, and you have conquered that plateau, you should periodically review your progress with them. There is always room for tweaking and improvement and it is a sure way to stay ahead of any potential pitfalls by taking this pro-active stance.

In instances like this, it becomes an issue of mind over body. You are often too close to the matter to see patterns and behaviors on your own, and having someone play food detective is just what you need.

Complement any changes in your diet by scheduling a review of your exercise program. Contact us to set up a time to go over these changes with your personal trainer.


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