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Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, empower and equip everyone to fulfill their innate, unique potential. At 360°Fitness, we unite in training for the big event, LIFE. And, because life never stops, we’re never closed. We don’t focus on workouts alone. We’re not a gym. We’re a movement based on a simple philosophy, true health and fitness requires an integrated approach.


Hi! We’re Melinda and Michael Prince and throughout our several decades as registered nurses and expert trainers, we’ve educated and supported thousands of people just like you in their health and fitness journeys.

While completing our Bachelor’s degrees in nursing at the University of Texas, we turned our passion for fitness into a part-time profession helping others live a healthy lifestyle. It was during that time we had a breakthrough. We became increasingly aware that so many of the issues our hospitalized patients were suffering from could have easily been prevented by implementing healthy lifestyle habits. That recognition changed the trajectory of our lives.

We made a commitment to focus our life’s work on the preventative side of healthcare, stopping health problems before they start. Our mission is to help you achieve your full potential in all aspects of your life. As partners in life, parents of three children & business owners, we understand how challenging it can be to find time for yourself when you’re balancing all of life’s responsibilities. We promise that by making your health & fitness a priority, you’ll not only feel better physically & mentally but will see positive results & success in every single aspect of your life.

We’ve made it our personal mission to inspire, empower and equip as many people as possible to fulfill their unique potential. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself an absolute beginner or working out is second nature to you, our programs will help you improve your health, wellness and help you reach your goals and claim the success in life that you deserve.


Our mission is to inspire, empower
and equip everyone to fulfill their
innate, unique potential.

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24 hours / 365 days per year

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: By appointment only
Sunday: Closed

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