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Often, people diet by cutting food from their diet, but is this really a good idea? The answer is no. The foods we eat affect our energy, our moods, and, of course, our health. Cutting too much food from your diet is disadvantageous when coupled with your everyday exercise. So, if cutting food from the diet isn’t the solution, what is? How will you know what you need?

Of the factors that make up your diet, these are some of the most important:

Blood Type

Every body type is different; however, there are some similarities between all of us. Checking in on your blood type and what you probably should eat is always a good idea. Type O blood requires a good bit of protein, with focus on lean meats and fish. Type A requires a more vegetable and grain based diet, and type B requires more green vegetables than anything else. This can become a pretty complex part of nutritional counseling; however, there are several useful charts available. This is not the all-determining factor for nutrition, but optimization is key.

Number of Meals

Eating large meals gives us plenty of extra time to conquer life’s everyday chores, but many think that three large meals might not be the best way to eat. While there are no definite weight loss benefits to eating meals more frequently, eating smaller meals more frequently can help you avoid overeating and can soothe some of your cravings. Smaller meals are less workload on the digestive tract, and may be beneficial in keeping blood sugar levels more stable.

Time of Day

Our bodies need different things throughout the day. For instance, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because you have to replace the calories you burned off during the night. In the morning protein rich foods are recommended; in the afternoon more starches are recommended. This diet is based on the person’s internal clock and can be adjusted very easily. Consult with your dietitian to find the best schedule for you!


You should take into account the activities you intend to do that day. Weight training needs more protein than running. If you have a stressful job, protein and sugars should be pretty equally balance to avoid not having enough energy. If you don’t intend to do much of anything that day, try more vitamin rich than sugar rich foods.

Eating for your body type can be tricky since there’s no manual on how you specifically should eat. As a result, a bit of safe experimentation is required. The factors above hold all you need to know to look for your body’s favorite diet, and if you have any questions or needs, please contact us. We’d be more than happy to take this journey with you!


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