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If going back to the gym after having a baby is giving you nightmares, or if your old routine isn’t working like it used to, and you don’t know where to turn, you’re not alone. It’s important to understand that your body has gone through massive changes and may work differently than it used to. Take the fear out of this challenging time by working with a personal trainer.

Personal Training Sessions: Personal training sessions will provide you with individualized instruction, help you stay motivated, and ensure you are doing the most safe yet effective exercises for your body. Within the first few weeks it’s perfectly normal and healthy to start exercising again, with gentle lower belly, and pelvic floor exercises, to help the areas most affected by the pregnancy. Every body is different, every mom and situation is unique, therefore customizing the routine is essential to maximizing results. Knowing when it’s healthy, safe, and appropriate to step up the intensity is your trainer’s job. Moms need a personalized workout plan that will create a lasting body transformation, with no gimmicks or miracle pills, just highly trained professionals that understand different body types, and have the training to know what workouts will most be most effective.

Why It’s so hard to lose postpartum weight: Many new moms fail to ever drop the weight they gained during pregnancy based on fear, and physical insecurities. Your doctor most likely encouraged you to gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy, and with breast-feeding, healthy diet, and an exercise routine, you should have the weight off in as little as two months. However, if you were overweight to begin with, gained more than your doctor recommended, or have never had any weight to lose, you may be facing a bigger challenge. It’s without a doubt that your new baby is on the top of every single one of your priority lists, but taking care of your own body is key to your infant’s health as well. Most moms know, a healthy mom makes healthy milk and that makes a healthy baby.

Fight Exhaustion with Exercise: Exhaustion is very normal during the first few weeks of motherhood, and exercise may seem like the last thing you want to do. However, exercise is proven to increase the endorphins in your brain which will improve your mood, give you more energy, and make you feel more alert. And exercise is healthy whether you had a vaginal birth or caesarean section. Exercise will also help prevent injuries by building the muscles you will need to be a new mom. The Family Education Organization suggests, “Regular exercise improves immune function and increases the production of antioxidant substances in the body. It helps you to sleep better at night and feel more energetic during the day.”

Postpartum weight loss: Postpartum weight loss doesn’t have to be a year-long battle, and one you fight on your own; whether you have 20 pounds, or 80 pounds to lose, desire a high intensity or low intensity workout plan, please contact us today for customized programs tailored to your fitness goals, and start your journey to the best body you’ve ever had from professionals devoted to your results.


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